Simple business marketing do it now

Simple business marketing and products can be more successful

Are you doing too much? Should you focus more?

The concept of providing a ‘full service’ business may well be flawed. Why? Sometimes we try to cover too much ground and then do everything badly. Also potential customers may not even know what full service actually means. Is it better to focus on a few, or even one offering and do it well?

Would we be better to specialise on one skill or service?

Should we concentrate on what we are known for? Would that simplify life and allow us to clean up? Maybe we fall foul of our egos when we try to do ‘everything’. Maybe it’s greed. Yet what we should do is concentrate on what sets us apart from the competition.

How often do you really focus on one offering in your business?

How specific are you about what business you want from people? Simplification is beautiful. It’s clear to others and easier to fulfil.

Mixed messages are just that

4 ways to focus your business offering more clearly

  1. Offer vivid examples of what you can do and what you have achieved, how you can help and what pain points you can resolve. People are in a hurry. We are all time poor. People are looking for answers and they want them right now. Any message that is mixed or difficult is often ignored or passed over.
  2. Be detailed about what you offer so networking partners or potential clients can see exactly what they might be buying into.. Consider your target audience and offer just what will help them easily.
  3. Prepare case studies of past or present customers. Outline their needs and how your business solved them. A clear proposition will be far more successful. After all, it’s easy to buy into. Clarity and focus are better than whistles and bells!
  4. Deepen relationships with potential customers or existing clients. Personalised marketing that is thoughtful and appropriate is almost always welcome. Getting to know your market, your clients, people who are almost customers will make the difference to results. Focus like a laser beam, don’t try to light up the world!

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