Hiring a designer 28 tips for success

Before hiring a designer here are some key considerations to help you get the best for your business and the best from your designer:

Communication is key

Make sure you’ve done some planning in advance and some written ideas about your thoughts. It’s no good hoping your designer will guess what is in your mind. They are good, but not necessarily that good. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most from your design relationship. After all, the best designs often come from long-term relationships where designers develop a true understanding of every aspect of your business.
Therefore, think about the following:

  •  Do you have a clear idea of what you need and want?
  •  Can you collect any examples of the work you like or some idea about how your final draft should look
  •  Strive to have a good working relationship – be communicative.
  •  If you have time write a very concise job specification because it does help both parties. It’s something that can be referred to throughout the project.


Professional logo design

Professional logo design can make a difference to the way people perceive your brand

You can develop a good idea about a designer’s style from their portfolio. One person’s style may be the exact opposite of what you are looking for but would suit another business exactly. Choose carefully and the portfolio will help enormously. Then ask yourself the following questions:

  •  Check their portfolio – online or ask them to send it
  •  Are the skills described clearly?
  •  What are they achievements?
  •  Are their specialities or hobbies similar to yours
  •  Do they have a wide variety of work for a broad range of industries?
  •  Have they done something similar in the past?
  •  DON’T FORGET to check for authenticity ( A Google image search can check for similar images, for example)

Industry beacon

Do a little research about a designer. Do they have a track record? Can you find them on the Internet? Do they have a reputation?

  •  How do they think?
  •  What reflects from their portfolio? Does it resonate with your specific needs?
  •  Do they have a blog? Do they write regularly and showcase their projects?
  •  Are they on social media? Can you link up
  •  with them and maybe ask a few questions?
  •  What does they LinkedIn profile look like? Is it well-designed, does it look professional?
  •  Do they have any testimonials?

Final goal

Now you have done some research it will be much easier to align your designer with your end goal. Ask yourself:

  •  Who is the most creative?
  •  Are their skills enough to complete the task?
  •  Can you determine a realistic budget? Inexperienced graphic designers will charge less but will need more handling, experienced “gd” charge more but will deliver more quickly, on brief and have more contactswithin the industry.

First contact

Be prepared before you speak to your designer. It is up to you to set the tone. You can call the shots. That doesn’t mean being overly formal or aggressive but do demonstrate that you have given the project some thought and have some idea what the finished design might look like. Of course if you don’t have any ideas you can rely on graphic designers to come up with some – after all, it’s what they do!

  •  Can you contact any previous employers?
  •  Have a short interview, look out for similar experiences and aspirations
  •  How do they handle a budget?
  •  How are they with time efficiency?
  •  See how they think on their feet
  •  Consider a trial project to start
  •  Look for a designer that is willing to challenge you
  •  Do they have any sample work, tricks or hints they can suggest?


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