Disrupt yourself before someone else does


Regular disruption is inevitable. If that fills you with dread then consider what will happen if someone else takes control and disrupts the business model for you.


Pursuing digital transformation within any business, however established, requires a constantly inquisitive approach to the everyday. You need a strategy but it should never be set in stone. It has to be a document that is constantly revised, discussed and analysed. The Digital Revolution is all about the ability to be both reactive and proactive – not easy – but essential. Once you embark on a path to digitally transforming your business it will never end. Customers have never been so savvy, so demanding, so fickle.

Like it or not, the digital customer experience demands more convenience, more excitement and more control. Heritage and traditional methods won’t save you from the inevitability of digital transformation. Any business that does not have a strong mobile presence or speaks to the audience where they actually hang out, is going to struggle.

digital transformation

digital transformation


Business is cloud-driven and technology will change how people view their world and how they engage in and with it. If you cannot embrace this inevitable digital transformation you will not compete effectively with your competition.

Digital transformation is not just about buying more technology or training your organisation.

The commitment to digital is a culture, a philosophy, a belief. Central to all this is customer experience and customer service that must run bottom up and top down within any organisation. The digital business structure should be, at the very least, centralised, but in an ideal world, holistic.


The customer has never been so powerful, so a business that aims to ‘sell more’ or ‘boost growth’ without putting the customer at the very centre of every decision, is making a mistake.

We specialise in digital transformation consulting. We have worked with a number of businesses to ensure their digital presence is believable, approachable, exciting and customer-centric. Digital is not a swimming pool in which you can dip your toes once in a while; it is the water you need, to survive.

We have worked with a number of businesses in the #proptech sector and the #fintech sector in the UK, USA, Africa, UEA, India and Australia. Ask us for more details. By getting in touch you can begin the conversation. Let’s explore how to make your business more comfortable with its digital transformation.