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5 Key Link Building SEO Trends Dominating 2019

SEO Trends and overall Digital trends are always changing in this fast-paced digital era. Search Engine Optimization is, however, a critical area of focus to stay relevant and competitive in the current crowded market place.

New SEO Trends are also some of the most effective tools in today’s digital marketer’s arsenal.

With new trends emerging and browsing habits constantly changing, marketers face an uphill task of adapting to this changing SEO environment.

SEO trend setters need to constantly recalibrate and modify their strategies in order to retain a competitive edge and to maintain or improve their SERP rankings.

Backlinks are your SEO Trends backbone

Backlinks are indeed a surefire way to drastically boost your ranking if implemented in the right way. Backlink building generally helps us generate links for your page or site from other external websites.

You would not create a site without the sole purpose of having heavy traffic and high conversions. For this reason, building high-quality links is currently more important than it has ever been.


Link building also accounts for more than 10% of all factors considered for ranking. This number is constantly rising, further emphasizing the significance of links in SEO trends for 2019.

For your page or site to rank high on SERPs, links are a vital turning point to focus most of your effort in.

The number of external links you has a direct relationship to your position on search engines (like Google). The more you judiciously use backlinks, the higher your position.

Here are five  link building tactics which will never fade and continue to dominate 2019. For favorable SERP ranking, apply these tactics to the letter.

Quality Content Development

Content quality will forever be a trend that cannot be downplayed when it comes to Internet demands. Users will forever drift towards the content which delivers true value.

You need to have a reason that will make people share your links and visit your site more often. This reason is the quality of your content.

It is therefore important to know that the most fundamental way to build a good rapport to boost your SEO starts with perfecting your content. This is an SEO trend that really is a mainstay to any strategy

If you want to win your customers’ and potential users’ interests on a consistent basis, you must deliver high-quality content which is relevant to your business.

Ensure your posts are at least 1142 words which are considered by Marketing Profs as about the average length for blog posts. When you start writing high-quality content, organic backlinks will start coming in as your work gains attention.

Pay attention to details and make your pieces elaborate and high quality, and people will start to share your content for you. It is that simple.

Ensure that your articles or blog posts are not extremely long to deter readability. Also, don’t stuff in keywords aimlessly as this will make your work less credible.

The more work and effort you put into the quality of your content, the more attention it gains. Do make sure you are writing what people wish to read and include information they need.

Broken Link Building

This is a technique that is sure to succeed in 2019. It is frustrating to click on a link and be directed to a dead page. Broken links cannot boost user experience, not even anytime soon.

Webmasters are constantly searching for ways to repair these broken links in order to improve user experience on their sites.

It is helpful to find such websites in your industry, identify any broken links on their pages and reach out to their webmaster and notify them.

Suggest replacements that are similar in context to the content which the page linked to originally. You can use tools like Power Mapper in finding broken links.

Guest Posting for Other Sites

Guest posting is another trend which will never go out of fashion. It is a useful way to generate traffic and get backlinks to your site. You guest post on the sites which are related to your niche and while doing so you can ask the site owner to do the same on your site or blog.

Guest posting exposes your name, bio, and links to many users, thus guaranteeing more traffic to your site. Websites that you guest post for can also promote your work on their social networks. This translates to more engagement, more organic traffic hence high rankings in SERPs.

Track Your Backlinks

The same way you track your keywords to see how they are performing is the same treatment you should apply to your backlinks. By doing so, you can know the number of people who visit your site. This, therefore, enlightens you on the links which are performing and those that need improvement.

Tracking your backlinks also helps you to know who ranks high on some of the keywords you want. You can figure out who is providing your competitors with such backlinks and ask for some for yourself. It is important to monitor your backlinks and links on the go via mobile.

You can use tools such as SEMrush to track links. Another tool, Ahref’s can be used to view mobile rankings for links.

Importance of Tracking Backlinks

  • Tracking your competitors’ links helps you identify opportunities they missed and use them in your strategy
  • Tracking your links enlightens you on the links which are performing well and the links to optimize.

Perform outreach

Influencers in your niche have the power and ability to drive traffic to your site. This is because they already have an audience. Influencers can be gotten through collecting stories or opinions for an article. You can then link to their websites in exchange for their short quote.

They can also share your article on their social media platforms with their audience just to show off. You can also use tools like Followerwonk to find influential people.

Conclusion to help you nail SEO trends in 2019

If you really want to take your SEO game to a whole new level, you have to become acquainted with the changes in the industry and intelligently reposition your strategy.

Stakeholders like Google are always working on new updates and improvements, most of which you should familiarize yourself with and align your strategy and efforts to ensure you conform.

If you are struggling with website maintenance or keeping up with SEO trends then contact us for help

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