SEO & social media are bedfellows

SEO & social media gives some people nightmares

Aargh, social media updates, save me!

SEO is in bed with social media so live with it, whatever your morals!  Mind you, beginning again on Twitter after a long lay off might be a task from hell for some small businesses. It is also doubly difficult to convince clients to participate in social media when to them it appears there were no tangible gains to be made from their last outing. Mind you, if they realise SEO & social media are now a marriage made in heaven – there’s another story.

As with most things change is the driver; SEO  & social media are no different

Mind you the stats are at our fingertips to convince. OK, once upon a time SEO & social media were distinctly separate. Matt Cutts said that Facebook and Twitter were not part of the ranking algorithm. So social media was a ‘nice to have’ back in the day, yes?

But not now! No! Social media, and Twitter especially, is a ‘must have’. It assists with natural search rankings and will have an impact in correlation with your activity. Honestly! Social media marketing has to be integrated into your digital marketing strategy. If it isn’t, do it now! Otherwise you will miss out on the benefits of SEO & social media together and you will see a difference if you do combine them.

SEO is Google page 1 and more these days. Combine SEO & social media then reap the rewards.

Once upon a time SEO was about Google page 1 and nothing else mattered

Now consumers are looking for something more joined-up to produce a comprehensive picture of what you are and what you do. Social media is part of the landscape whether you are involved or approve, or not. FACT!

When you consider consumers are combining search and social media to find out about brands then you can see it’s a change in behaviour. In turn it will inevitably affect purchasing behaviour. So what is your business doing about this? Think of your own research: Google or Bing first, followed up by social media? Probably.

SEO & social media drive traffic. Social media personalises relationships and improves SEO, really!

So what does a social media presence actually say about a brand?

Home alone with your new social media strategy

It says you are alive, responding, engaging, newsworthy, current, knowledgeable, caring, sociable and approachable. You want  to be a part of any potential customer’s world as much as they want to be a part of yours. A Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest feed brings life to a website. It shows that the lights are on and someone really is home! It connects. SEO & social media can pay handsome dividends for your brand, product, event or service.

Consider there has been an almost 100% increase in CTR (or click thru rate)as searchers combine social with their other research. So when a client says:

‘I haven’t got time for Twitter can we put that on the back burner for now?’ I start to worry.

Forget what you thought you knew about social media and remember what we take as given now will be history before the end of the year. Social media marketers and businesses are in a state of flux. It’s those who can respond rapidly and keep their eye firmly on developments who will be the winners in the battle for hearts and minds and yes, SEO.

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