Kickstart your content marketing by using a digital marketing consultant.


VKN Digital Content

Content is King, isn’t it?

Content is king, but is your content being seen? In 2016, writing great content is NOT sufficient. You need unique content to appeal to niche markets.

A creative and provocative content marketing strategy is key. Content marketing evolves so quickly, many quickly find out that they really do need a consultant to keep up with changes. What worked 6 months ago will not have the same impact now. Work with an expert to create punchy, bespoke, digital assets that resonate with potential customers and drive results.

If you want to manage your campaign and need guidance to reach your business goals, VivienneKNeale Digital can help. As a creative consultant in ideation, we ensure that you move ahead with your strategy. By understanding contemporary trends, we create impactful content. Talk to us about improving your digital content today.


What content writing services do we offer?

Our content writing services are wide-ranging and comprehensive. We specialise in infographics, white papers, case studies, microblogging; blogs and e-books, web content, article writing, video scripts and any space that requires text.


Search Engine Optimisation

All of our web content is keyword researched using the most effective tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner and Moz Explorer. We do not sacrifice creativity at the altar of SEO, instead we respect Google’s algorithm and understand that there needs to be a healthy balance between SEO and crisp, compelling, creative copy.

We also have specialists in podcasting techniques and scripts, creative video script writing and long form content. Need postcard campaigns, web content, email promotion, brochures or leaflets? We can help you in print as well. Just get in touch right here.

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