eBook Download: Twitter for business in 2018

Twitter is a social media platform that has recorded some pretty monumental world events. Whenever big news breaks then Twitter is the $rst port of call for many. For years it was known as the quick, concise way to show the world what you thought without boring them to tears.

140 characters was its selling point and it took skill to engage, inform and excite in just a few words. You have quite a challenge regarding time and patience on Twitter 2018.

When it $rst arrived it was seen as a great way to have a conversation, and communicate. It was smokin’ hot and great fun. But hey, adolescents grow up and over time it all got, well, a bit spammy If we’re honest. Anyway, everyone started to see it as Facebook’s poor relation.

But every dog has its day and now with Facebook standing in the naughty corner (we knew what was happening a long time ago it’s just now they got caught out) it’s time for Twitter to regain the prefect’s badge. It’s new algorithm goes some way towards this.

This doesn’t come as any surprise to the 330 million active users. They love it. Once you catch the Twitter bug it becomes part of your life. Personally I can’t be bothered with Facebook. If I want to know what’s now I turn to Twitter every time.