Just what is Social Media Marketing anyway?

Social media marketing is commonly misunderstood. It is not a broadcast channel. It is an ideal opportunity to research your target market by utilising the power of Social Listening. Engage meaningfully in real time with customers and potential leads and see the difference. A creative social media management strategy will help you connect with and grow your client base. We can help you build your brand, create a unique tone of voice, manage your reputation and increase brand awareness.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to ask and answer questions, test and communicate – all while improving customer service and driving traffic to your site.


How can we help?how can we help?

We are not just a social media management company but strategists that track your data, analyse your opportunities, find and categorise leads. We create bespoke strategies to fulfill your business needs. If you want to promote awareness, drive web traffic or develop your database we can help. Ask us how we can gain more traction and maintain a consistent social media presence. Let’s see what we can achieve together. Give us a call.

Our Social Media Marketing Team can manage all your social network channels. We specialise in managing Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Snapchat. However, we are a leading UK Pinterest management service provider.


Each social network is a unique platform

At VKN we understand that social media is not all-inclusive. Each network has its own set of rules which marketing teams need to follow if they want to reap rewards. The ‘brand voice’ is important to maintain across all channels but consider, for instance, how you might vary the tone on LinkedIn.


Why choose Vivienne K Neale to manage your social media?

You can be sure of quality and expertise when you enlist our social media services. With 7 years’ experience we are conversant with the regular changes in social media practice. You can be confident that your advice will be cutting edge, because our team runs social media training for businesses and we never stop learning. Talk to us about how we can make your business successful, confident and creative with social media marketing. Transform your social media marketing now.