eBook Download: Local Content Marketing for Small Businesses

After Google’s latest algorithm change, Local Content Marketing has emerged as the real winner.

You may not have the marketing power of big brands but people tend to favour local search results because they offer better value and convenience. This gives local businesses, like yours, an obvious edge.

But you must make the most of the opportunity. Think about it. You can target with almost pinpoint accuracy and you can be hyper-targeted by potential customers. After all, you are not looking for global appeal; you simply want to be the local ‘go-to’ solution.

As a trusted ‘go-to’ resource, the news, information and resources you create can become very useful to your audience. That is the differentiator. Bear in mind, the Internet is swimming in content these days, so it’s no surprise that users prefer transparent content written by genuine experts.

Local Content is what the user wants so this is what Google provides in search results.

In our free eBook Local Content Marketing: A Powerful Tool For Businesses Small and Large, we explore this topic further and answer all the questions you’re likely to ask.

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