eBook Download: Create an Editorial Calendar and Deliver Killer Content - Vivienne K Neale

Behind every successful content marketing strategy, lies an in depth
editorial calendar. Developing a balanced plan, and scheduling regular
articles and blog posts helps you to instill some organization into your
content production.

Producing content without an editorial calendar often
leads to producing aimless content. It’s likely you’ll also have a marketing
strategy that neglects certain channels (like social media). Below we take a
look at how to develop an editorial calendar to nail your content.

  • Define Your Editorial Calendar
  • Objectives
    • Are you producing content to entertain your audience, or
    • Are you trying to nurture leads and drive your conversion rate?
  • Develop Customer Personas
  • Identify Periods of High Activity
  • Set Your Publishing Schedule
  • .Identify Your Content Creators
  • Manage your Calendar