eBook Download: Content Marketing Strategy 2018 - Vivienne K Neale

You may well be dabbling with a half-hearted content marketing strategy in
2018. Most often than not it means writing a blog. That’s cool. If you share
that blog on social media then that’s great too. But let me tell you; a content
marketing strategy in 2018 and ever after will not stop there.

You need a content marketing strategy

Before you do that you need to consider the purpose of why your company is
utilising content marketing. Remember you are considering what your target
customer, or existing customer needs. That way you can develop valuable,
informative, relevant content that is reliable and consistent. It also needs to
be highly engaging. If you can do that then it’s likely you will retain your
audience and even attract a new one. The aim of the game is to drive
profitable customer action. It’s not enough for readers to ingest your content;
they need to act upon it. You content marketing strategy in 2018 has to be far
more subtle, but highly engaging too.

What audiences are not interested in is overtly ego centric content

Forget trying to sell, sell, sell. People are too savvy for that. Go about
promoting yourself this way and people will zone out. What you are aiming
to do is stimulate interest. This way you might well generate some leads and
hopefully some sales too. Let me remind you, your content marketing
strategy 2018 has to be sophisticated to work.

Be interesting, aspirational and inspirational