Professional Logo Design Top Benefits

What are the top benefits of a professional logo design?

A logo is such an important part of your corporate branding. Therefore it’s important to get your logo right. It is a powerful expression of the company values, culture and people.  For example, think of it as an employee whose main job is to be distinctive. They must represent the company in the best possible way. What would (s)he look like? How would (s)he feel like? Is (s)he a boss or the guy/girl next door? Is (s)he loud and cheerful or wise and calm? You hope your logo will communicate some of your values and approach. That’s why a professional logo design will reap benefits for your company. It’s not worth compromising.

A logo gives your company an easily recognised visual symbol

Place this image on all correspondence materials. When it’s on marketing collateral, your website and emails, you give people consistent exposure to your brand. Therefore the more people are exposed to your logo, the more synonymous the logo becomes with your name.  So, this allows you to put your logo on promotional materials. You can  even use it on products as a stand-alone representation of your business. This is important when your name won’t fit or doesn’t look as good.

Why a professional logo design will transform your brand

1. A great first impression

  • If your logo looks amateurish, then so will your business.
  • Customers make a decision on a business within the first third of a second of their first encounter.
  • Your logo is the first thing that customers see, should be unique and memorable.
  • Colour font and design has to be spot on to represent your business
  • A professional logo designer will be able to translate the key messages of your business. They can then transform them in a visual icon
  • Make the first impression count – you only have one chance to get that right.

2. Consistency

  • Since “consistent” means reliable, making sure your graphic design identity is used consistently is a priority. This is relevant in internal/external communications, marketing and advertising materials, websites, and products.
  • Next, a logo gives your company an easily recognised visual aid. By placing this image on all relating marketing material, your website and emails, you give people consistent exposure to your brand. It make sense doesn’t it?
  • The more people see your logo, the more synonymous the logo becomes with your name and brand
  • People understanding the meaning of your brand just from the logo

3. A well thought logo makes it easier to build a brand around it

  • A good logo is a basic foundation to build up your brand
  • A logo is not a brand. A logo becomes a visual icon that represent your brand and of which people can associate with
  • Then if you have right name and a professional logo  you can move on to branded stationery. You will also need a web presence. If you want to push the boat out get a branding guidelines booklet!
  • Likewise, it makes your company easily distinguishable among your competitors

4. Logo will extend your professional image

  • Of course, a graphic designer will be able to take a concept and turn it into visual form. Therefore your look will be as professional and outstanding as possible
  • A graphic designer can transform a tired logo quickly when it will take you hours
  • Finally, if your logo is designed well it will reflect your main colours. Your corporate fonts and overall brand style needs to be uniform. It will do this in a simple snapshot so it can be used anywhere

5. Through your new professional logo you can market your brand throughout all media

  • Furthermore, as your company grow you can use new logo various media. This could include from printed material to online presence, exhibitions, trade shows, vans, wearables etc.
  • Equally, for each of the media you will need different formats file such as: .eps, .png, .indd, and .ai files. These will require different layouts and printing sets. A professional logo designer will be able to provide everything you need for every eventuality.

6. A return on your initial expenditure

  • A well design logo gives brand credibility.
  • Will encourage customers to trust your company to deliver what the client is expecting
  • Furthermore, brand loyalty is the most sought after a thing within business, happy customers are likely to refer your company to family and friends and come back over time.
  • It will boost your sales by driving brand recognition

Think of a few logos that you always remember. Why do they work? It’s usually colour, simplicity, a clean look and something that’s instantly recognisable. Here you can analyse the 10 most iconic logos in the world and see how you can get your professional logo design into that list!

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