Product Descriptions Are Important: Here’s Why

Current buying habits are finicky. Don’t talk to me directly – but make sure I have all the information available. So how do you really connect with your customers? Find out below…

Product descriptions, you’ll know their  importance if you examine your own buying habits. These days no one particularly relishes being sold to directly. But ironically we are happy to be sold to via video and product descriptions. Why is this? We have time and space to make up our own minds and don’t perceive any pressure. If we’re bored by the sales pitch we’ll simply click away without fear or embarrassment.

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The beauty of this is these descriptions are there 24/7 and even when you are asleep they can be doing a sales job. Therefore, it’s vital to get them right. That means time needs to be spent on these important aspects of your e-commerce business and you need a highly experience, creative writer to help you squeeze the most from the few words available to you.

So here’s what product descriptions can achieve for your brand:

Entice people and actually sell your product.

Reasons why Product Descriptions are Important

It sounds straightforward but you’ll be surprised the number of people that don’t make much effort when it comes to listing their products online. This is a mistake. If your product descriptions are well written they will actually explain just what the benefits are when it comes to buying what you offer. The description is really doing the job of convincing the potential buyer that what they’ve seen is actually just what they need and is totally irresistible. You have to maintain their attention, but customer are fickle beasts and they’ll move on before you have time to blink. So, if you arrest their attention and make them an offer they can’t refuse because your product is the biggest, longest, smoothest, most reliable, prettiest and so on, it may well attract them to make the order. Come on, you know it makes sense.

Be as descriptive as possible

Remember your clients are not in your shop. Thankfully they cannot unwrap, unbox or cover your products with dirty finger marks. So if that tactile experience is missing you have to try and compensate for that through words (or video – but that’s another story) So your descriptions have to give them as much information as possible without being overwhelming. Tell them the size, the material, colour, shape and so on. These are important pieces of information that could make the sale.

Grab some  SEO juice with your product descriptions

Reasons why Product Descriptions are Important

Recently I have been working with an incredibly artistic jewellery maker. I have been revamping her website copy. Some of her pages have very little text and this is not good for SEO. She has also put all the lovely photographs of the gorgeous silver jewellery she makes and there isn’t a product description to be seen. Eek! In her case each one of these descriptions will have to be bespoke like the pieces she makes. But they are high value and you’d have to do a great selling job to make the sale. In other cases, you might be selling fairly mundane goods. That is not an excuse not to write fab product descriptions. If you copy them all from a manufacturer’s website for example you will be guilty of putting duplicate content on your website. That may well attract a Google penalty. It will simply download your website’s SEO rankings. Not a smart move when every place is hard-earned.

So, beautifully crafted and unique product descriptions are what you are after.  If you improve your search engine rankings more people will find your products and if your product descriptions are first class will be more likely to buy them.

Be professional in your product description approach

Ever heard the adage ‘A copy that reads well, converts well’? If not, you have now. But of course good copy converts well! Error free content is a great start, but if it reads well and is actually attractive, maybe even humorous, as appropriate, it can really make a difference. What it’s showing is that you care. It demonstrates that you treat the customer with respect and empathise with their needs. If you can’t give product descriptions the attention they need, they why would customers give your company the attention you crave?

Help people to browse with purpose

I came home to find a parcel on my door. I was surprised as I had ordered nothing. Inside was a NEXT catalogue. Boy, how beautiful was that. The company had decided to make their furniture catalogue a hardback book. It sits beautifully on my coffee table and I read it a lot. If you are talking aesthetics then NEXT nailed it. Accurate, beautiful and extremely attractive product descriptions gives people a real sense of what they are looking it. It whets the appetite and may even make people salivate….honest!

Original product descriptions, super high-quality images and an easy-to-use interface all works as one and collectively drive online sales. So why wouldn’t you want to pay attention to your product descriptions?

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