Print Still Matters! Here’s Why…

You’ve gone digital, but can your business handle the pressures and benefits of print? It’s worth it.

We spend a lot of time and energy giving tips and advice for digital marketing management. But what about print? Is this method gone the way of the dinosaurs? Since its humble beginnings paper marketing has had a dramatic effect. Websites might have gained traction, but print still plays a significant role.

Digital marketing means malleable. If you notice a typo or the image isn’t crystal clear, you can always make a quick change. Print marketing does not have this luxury. So the real question here is: do you dare to face the pressures of ink and is it worth the risk? We say: yes you can and yes it is!

Is Paper Marketing Dead?

Sadly, the answer for many marketing companies is yes, but VKN Digital says ‘NO!” This is based on one very simple idea: [bctt tweet=”Digital marketing is great, but the effect of printed materials has not changed. It still works.” username=”supposeiam”]

Print marketing serves its purposes when looking at marketing advantages both local and distant. Oftentimes, printed materials can be the first encounter potential customers have with your business. This can be in the form of a business card from an employee or a brochure picked up at a conference. So let’s take a look at the various ways that print can work for you:

The Branding Advantages Of Printed Materials

Print marketing is tried and true and may be the competitive edge your company needs to push out competition. This doesn’t mean that you have to take out full page glossy ads in Vogue. There are much less expensive methods for your print strategies. Most importantly, print can create a healthy, well rounded mix for your next marketing strategy. Combined with distribution you can target your message to the right audience with pinpoint accuracy and also track delivery in real time.

Printed Means Focused

Because print is permanent, the effort invested in purpose, message and content is much more reliable than digital pages that can be edited and updated. Without realizing it, your print strategies might will be better thought out and presented. Printers are well trained, highly professional people who have significant skills. This translates to focused recipients engaging with your printed materials. Newspaper ads, catalogues and billboards will have a permanence that demands attention.

It Has Authority

While direct mail spam was certainly a pain for a few years, printed materials still have authority. Consumers have said many times that they trust a flier or brochure more than an digital ad or email. Print is an investment made by businesses and consumer know this. While it may be an uncomfortable expense initially, your ROI will show your efforts. From coupons to business cards, print means respect and stability for your brand.

It Lasts

We are all familiar with email opening rates, but what if unopened email was tossed on the kitchen counter instead? Print has a way of hanging around for the moment when the reader has time. Rather than focusing on easily deleted email campaigns, think of the lasting impression of a physical object.

Tips On How To Get Print “Just Right”

#1. Begin with your vision of the finished product in mind

Print marketing is a world where you get exactly what you want. So make sure you know exactly who your audience is and what you want them to see before you get started. Printing can be expensive, so specificity is key. However, working with an agency to form a one stop solution can be incredibly economical.

#2. Don’t ignore digital

While print and digital appear  to be at the opposite end of the spectrum, they are actually team members ready to push for ultimate engagement and return. Be sure that you coordinate your digital and print efforts together. Think of your printed material as a whisper of a message that can be confirmed and elaborated once visitors reach your website. On the other hand it might be the megaphone that helps shepherd people towards your website. Take your pick!

#3. Get personal

Sending a bland message to everyone is sincerely a waste of paper. Be specific in who you target to get maximum response. Be creative! How can your services and products reach those who haven’t considered you as a solution. Think like Facebook in regards to interests and identifications, but off of the screen.

#4. Know your options

All of your print efforts will fall flat if you don’t choose the perfect printer. Consider your options including cost, materials, print time and reputation. Don’t be afraid to ask for proofs and first prints. The printing industry has grown in recent years and you will be surprised at the abilities of your local print shop. Don’t automatically sign with a big name when Tom down the street may be cheaper and much more personal.

#5. Show your eco-awareness

Many individuals think of printed marketing and think of the rainforests being hacked to pieces, but this is no longer the case. Build your reputation as earth friendly by using recycled paper. It may cost a little more, but the additional quality will be hard to toss in the bin.

To think outside the box and create a dazzling print marketing strategy, get in touch with VKN Digital today. We can help you design, create and actually print your campaign. Oh, and we do deliver.


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