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So we all know content marketing is queen. Content writers are in high demand and everyone knows they need to produce the goods but and this is a very big but, who is going to read it? [Tweet “Powerful content sharing is definitely something all brands and writers need to add to their list.”]

Matt Cutts   has been clearing his throat for the next big algorithm change (save us!) and now we will all have to work harder to be ‘an authority’. This is where we are probably going to need some help.

Does your content actually drive sales? Does anyone read it?

[Tweet “The proof of any marketing strategy is whether a brand can amplify its content sufficiently to actually drive sales.”] That’s a given.  Luckily there is assistance at hand in the shape of a service that has just opened its door to everyone. It might just be what we have all been searching for.

inPowered is a platform whose raison d’etre is to make it easier for brands to educate customers and most importantly help drive sales. How do they do this where others have failed?

First off it’s not a pay up front scheme, which is a huge relief

You can use the platform that assists in content discovery quite freely. If you like what you see then the decision to upgrade to paid amplification is taken. Co-founder and CEO Peyman Nilforoush (yes, you have permission to read that again slowly) was adamant that anyone who wanted to find trusted content on topics they want and need should not have to enrol in a paid for service.[Tweet ” Gone are the days when only the rich and privileged had access to books. “]Today information is accessible like never before in our history.

Finding credible, third party articles and reviews are what consumers want

This is according to the new study commissioned by inPowered. These are often the most difficult to find. Well, not any more. With inPowered content discovery and amplification platforms you can find the very best links to share on social media knowing you have backing of other big players. Reliable content sharing is now very straightforward.

Educate and help

If you discover the most engaging articles you can then pay to promote them in the form of native ads under the auspices of inPowered’s targeted distribution. Why would you? Quite simply it is far easier to educate and inevitably help to form consumer perception. [Tweet “Native ads perform far more effectively than branded ads.”]

What next?

This is certainly a new way to go as there isn’t a charge to curate content. InPowered will root out and identify the most trusted content and these are articles that have been read most often and shared. Like the best things in life it’s also organic. This service costs absolutely nothing. What next? InPowered will measure the impact of this content in terms of reads and shares and how it actually affects those people who have been exposed to it. You really can measure how consumers feel about your brand as a consequence of what they have read. Surely you must have to pay for that? Nope that’s free too.

This platform will show you how many shares an article has received. inPowered has an algorithm which offers 90% accuracy regarding how many people have read the article but the number of shares does have pinpoint accuracy.  A creditable share makes a difference; it’s affirmation of trust or pertinence that matters.

Once these articles have been isolated the most engaging of these can be promoted to a much wider audience through the paid for platform. You no longer have to shoehorn branded content into the guise of trusted content because basically, it already is!

Yes, this is all very well you might be saying but won’t this mean the content is optimized? Won’t this result in low quality traffic and more bounces than a space hopper? Hey, this doesn’t happen either. So as a content writer and marketer I know where I shall be headed. How fortuitous it was to have found their e-book online. You see it wasn’t actually good fortune; inPowered will oversee that.

Vivienne K Neale has no affiliation with in.power and this represents my views only.

 Vivienne Neale freelance writer

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