Pinterest’s secret boards

Why does anyone need  Pinterest’s secret board?

I discovered Pinterest through a personal recommendation when it was still invite only. The person in question said, ‘Hey, found this and it looks just up your street.’ I checked Pinterest immediately and was hooked. What on earth was going on that I should become so addicted to the format? Even more interestingly why am I using Pinterest’s secret boards?

A psychologist would have a field day

As a youngster I had a Sindy doll. One of the activities I really enjoyed was looking through the tiny fold up catalogues of available costumes. I would plan and tick off and decide what might be the next purchase come birthday or Christmas. I then graduated to covering my school exercise books with pictures of Led Zeppelin and then protecting them with strips of sticky tape. This ended up in a full blown obsession where I covered my walls with magazine cutouts to create the most incredible collages that went from floor to ceiling. I should have been the one who developed Pinterest! Why oh why didn’t I? Probably because I went on to study Art History instead!

Pinterest has become obsessional

[Tweet “It’s hard to believe my Pinterest obsession has become an income stream.”] I manage Pinterest boards for clients and sometimes spend upwards of three hours per day pinning. I have to admit I make use of Pinterest’s secret boards for a number of reasons. I am going to admit now that last week I created a secret board about black cats when I should have been writing. How sad is that?

Why use Pinterest’s secret boards?

There is some very practical and useful reasons why you should make use of these secret boards.  There was a Pinners’ etiquette some time ago which said that a Pinner should not flood the board with pictures and yes it can get very annoying when someone flouts the rules. My black cat passion was achieved aggressively and in ten minutes flat but no one was subjected to it. When the board is complete or has enough pins to look presentable you can then unveil and voila no one was hurt in the process.

Another reason is to have an experiment. You might leave your board secret because you want to experiment with descriptions or colours or switch emphasis before you publish. You might make a secret board in preparation for a product launch or event or celebration. You can tweak the board until it look its very best and then publish.

Of course you might want a secret board to house all your WordPress tips or potential site seeing pins before going on holiday. Many travel companies are actually admitting that Pinners are using Pinterest in this way.

So do I look at my Pinterest boards in the same way as those old Sindy catalogues?

Well, rarely, although there is one I have created for a client that I love to pieces and it is called ‘Pretties’ and it’s all pink. Oh, shoot me right now! I couldn’t have brought myself to do it for me but I’m very glad I did because it’s so frothy and gorgeous, it gives me a lift!

So, [Tweet “Pinterest have just increased the number of Pinterest secret boards they are giving out”] and you might want to use them to house secret desires, dieting tips (let’s face it who wants to broadcast that?) gift ideas, private passions, even creating a board for a friend’s special event. The possibilities are endless and if you haven’t created a secret board have a think, what would you like to collect? I was thinking of curating pics of Jonny Depp’s torso. What about you?

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