Pinterest is the way to reach huge numbers of female customers

Pinterest learn to love it What if you could find a way to reach hundreds and thousands of women globally for your particular female-orientated brand, product or service?

Would you push and shove to get the answer like the first day of the sales?

Well, you don’t need to. Just set up a Pinterest account if you haven’t done so already.

Come on, Pinterest has just has a $3.8 billion valuation and it’s yet to find a revenue stream as yet. That really isn’t at issue right here.  Business likes what it represents. There’s something going on! Investors like its modus operandi. What it does is drive females to engage with lots of  products and guess what, they’ll also pass them on to others too without businesses having to do much at all. What’s not to like?

You may think you are immune to female charms. ‘I sell shirts and ties, men’s tailoring, shoes, cufflinks, boys’ toys’ Well, men like receiving gifts don’t they? Who often buys them?  It’s time to think inside the box, that small rectangular portrait Pinterest box.

On the other hand if you are selling in areas that females love you are onto a winner. Think techie, think innovation, style, design, craft, fashion, makeup shoes, oh yes, shoes, holidays, food, babywear, books, music, cars, accessories. Can I stop now? Women use Pinterest like a pinboard, ha, you don’t say! Seriously it is a wish list of dreams, future purchases, potential gifts, if only, some day. Whereas men use it as a shopping trolley. So for women it appears [Tweet “there’s an element of fantasy, of wish fulfilment on Pinterest boards”] and they are powerful drivers. You would be foolish not to be part of that.

This is why it is essential you think carefully about the choice of social media platform before setting up your company’s social media profile anywhere new or anywhere at all in some cases. Do the research and ask yourselves: ‘Will it connect with my audience?’[Tweet ” Hey, I assume you’ve researched your own target audience?”] If not do it right now!

Talk to a professional. Book an hour of their time. Discuss strategy. What may seem like an outlay will certainly save you time and effort in the long term. What’s the point of using a social media platform where your potential customers don’t hang out?  It really is ok to pick only a couple of social media channels and do them well.

Pinterest is also working behind the scenes to really track what value is being determined. They are now contacting pinners who have just joined, they suggest pins for new boards, offer round ups weekly and also track their new user retention. Pinterest wants to retain users; they want regular activity and this helps brands too. If you want to be super geeky check their engineering page.

Communities, group boards, comments and showing up every day does add a sense of community. Pinners get used to the style of someone’s shares and often looks forward to them. When you start to see their pins regularly you are often curious to check them out hence interaction begins.

Like every platform it has limitations but with canny marketing, thinking beyond the obvious, updating profiles and doing everything you can to boost visibility you can use Pinterest effectively. Etsy is benefitting massively from their sellers’ relationship with Pinterest.[Tweet ” If you haven’t jumped on board, perhaps it’s time.”] If you need help just click here.

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