Pinterest wannabes market to them

This is not a Pinterest article stuffed full of stats. It’s a passionate plea to improve your profile, descriptions and links.

What do you notice on people’s Pinterest boards?

Think about it. Pinterest taps into our fundamental collecting instinct. Anyone who has ever scrap booked, kept a journal, a postcard album, collected shoes, men or cars will understand the collecting compulsion. What’s the thing we also now about collecting? It’s irresistible and sets up demand. If you ever waited for the final football sticker, hoped against hope for a Barbie car or whatever floated your boat you will know exactly what I mean.

You might be shaking your head and saying: ‘Get on with it!’ So I shall.

Pinterest lays out what we want

It also lays out what we think we want, what we like and the kind of futures we might desire for ourselves. Think that’s far fetched? Many marketers depend on just those feelings and needs. We are all Pinterest wannabes of one sort or another.

Pinterest wannabes and aspiration is central to Pinterest

Daniel Maloney Tailwind’s CEO delivered a keynote last year where he said that people are pinning what they want to be in the future. So, here is a social media platform that’s all about aspiration. What will future historians make of it?

Investigate the Pinterest wannabes who follow you

As an exercise, choose some of your businesses’ followers. Check out what they pin. Tell the story of this pinner and consider how you might become even more attractive to her/him by working out what really matters to them.

Check out the boards at different times of the year

No Pinterest has a back catalogue you can watch the cycles and the desire to squeeze the very best out of life by Pinners.

Who am I, who are you, who are they?

If you were to look at Vivienne Neale’s Pinterest account you could write a whole essay on the kind of person you might think I am. You would probably be right – except, perhaps, for the group boards I have mistakenly accepted invites from. I am a snob as well as a Pinterest wannabe by the look of it!

So, men have finally woken up to Pinterest?

Now men are beginning to muscle in on the action this will give marketer’s almost unprecedented data with which to work. Why is this interesting? Put simply, you could set up a marketing campaign with pinpoint accurate results. Check out what Jay Baer has to say about how men and women use Pinterest.

Pinterest’s new search engine is so amazing

We are now all faced with pins of things we never knew about. You never know what you might discover. If someone thinks they’ve found something different it’s pounced upon by everyone else. These Pinterest playground politics exist – ‘hey, bet you don’t know what I know or hey, bet you’ve never seen anything like this before.’ It’s true isn’t it? We can’t help ourselves, we are all Pinterest wannabes.

Will your boards appear in the future history or sociology records?

So armed with all the knowledge just waiting for your perusal, Pinterest will be a future sociologist’s dream come true. Right now this is how you leverage the mass of signals potential buyers are giving you.

How to drive traffic and Pinterest wannabes to your pins

  1. OK, have you added keywords in your profile? Use a writer to create an attractive, keyword rich, highly readable profile with a direct link to your site. Go and check how yours reads. This is the place where people decide to add you to their Pinterest collection or go get what you are offering. It really matters.
  2. Verify that website. I know it’s a pain but it’s a badge of honour. Verified accounts have more Klout, more authority. You know it makes sense so don’t skip this process.
  3. Please put Pin It buttons on your website. Ensure they actually work. Make it as easy as possible for collections to be updated with your images.
  4. Take time to describe. How much effort are you making with your descriptions? If people are pursuing dreams, are looking for inspiration use the language that will appeal to them. The text and the image work symbiotically. As I’ve said before they say: ‘Do you see what I see?’ By all means use searchable terms but avoid spam and an overdose of hashtags. If you know the kind of followers you have you should start to write for them.
  5. Some people say simple board names are coolest. I say keyword -rich titles (where appropriate) with a difference are better. Spend time planning, considering and working on board titles. Think about what that board may represent. What will it say about you?
  6. Make sure links work. Please do this as so much effort can be wasted when people end up at a 404. It’s like seeing a ‘road closed’ and you’re forced to turn around. It’s annoying and hardly conducive.
  7. Make sure you spring clean your boards. Move out of date boards to the bottom. Check the cover photos are attractive. It may not be wise to have your product on the front cover. Welcome pinners in with one type of image and let them discover others as they peruse your board.
  8. As Pinterest becomes more popular you are going to have to work so hard to stand out. Depending on your popularity you may not even see your pin appear immediately. This is a marked change from the early days. You have been warned. Take care with your pins.
  9. Remember, men are on Pinterest too……
  10. If you need your boards revamped. If you need a Pinterest audit or someone to write a Pinterest strategy, advise or manage contact Vivienne Neale right here

What other tips can you suggest that will help your pins appeal to others? What changes have you made in your life as consequence of being a Pinterest wannabe? I’d love to see this article spill over into a discussion.

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