Pinterest tips for revamping your boards

[Tweet “Pinterest is very beautiful, very addictive and growing, get your 12 Pinterest tips here.”]

It’s like a parasite that demands more and more from its host. If Pinterest is one of your chosen social media platforms you might a) be in danger of being consumed b) might be losing interest c) might have put in masses of effort and are not seeing any returns.

If you are any of these three or generally dis(p)interested perhaps these  12 Pinterest tips will give you some energy.

[Tweet “I manage Pinterest boards for clients. Frankly it’s shocking how neglected they are in general.”] The main offences are:

  • The profile has been almost ignored.
  • The boards are boring. The titles are uninspiring. The cover photos are pants
  • There are no descriptions to go with the pins
  • Boards are outdated, not aligned to give a sense of story or publication

So if you have stopped receiving pin alerts you know your boards have passed their sell by dates. You have two options: take these tips and use them or hire a professional.

12 Pinterest Tips for revamping your boards

  1. [Tweet “Check your Pinterest profile. Is it exciting? Is it engaging? “]Do people know what you stand for? Is there a link to your website? Just checking, it has been known.
  2. Have you replaced the pin image with something that represents your brand, product or service, erm like your business logo? See illustration above.
  3. [Tweet “Write your pin board titles on a blank piece of paper. Do they excite you? “]Are they intriguing? Are they in any way relevant? Do they make you smile? If they bore you then no amount of plush images will change that basic precept. Sorry.
  4. Change your titles. It can be fun to use your business title and use it as a play on words to show a hint of lightheartedness no matter how serious the company. People appreciate fun and self-deprecation at times.
  5. Look at your boards. Which one is most important to your brand? Why is it lurking at the bottom? You can rearrange your boards. Relegate World Cup 2014 to the end slot alongside Christmas, Mothers Day etc. They can be resurrected later.
  6. [Tweet “Change the cover photos. Make sure they are aligned and check them again”], don’t assume they look good. They MUST look good.
  7. Think about your descriptions. They really matter. Writing ‘I really like this’ never got anyone excited. This is the beginning of a conversation. This is beginning of your pin’s journey so smash a champagne bottle as it glides down the slipway.
  8. Start conversations on Pinterest. You can add a question at the end of your pin and start engaging. Don’t forget to answer.
  9. Don’t forget to follow people and comment on other pins. You never know who you might meet.
  10. Don’t forget to make the images on your site pinnable and add the ‘Pin this’ button.
  11. Pinterest is about information. You can find out all kinds of ‘how to’s’ but a plethora of info graphics becomes a jumble before the eyes. If I read one more tech infographic board….zzzzzz
  12. Finally check out the people who follow you on Pinterest. They will certainly give you some insight into their personas. You might even uncover some trends.

If you are frankly fed up with the shooting match I can evaluate and revamp your boards and restart your Pinterest mojo. The first 5 people to contact me  on twitter will get my  Pinterest evaluation service for free. Tweet me on @supposeiam

Happy pinning!

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