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Anyone who has read my blogs will know I am a real advocate of Pinterest. I have waxed lyrical about it, yes. Yet I have never delved into the question of Pinterest analytics. At least not in print. Sorry!

So what kind of Pinterest analytics possibilities are out there? Which one should you be using to measure your success or your Pinterest ROI?

With Pinterest  now being a very serious social media player this isn’t just about fluff; it’s big business. After all, last year it overtook Facebook for referral revenue in the UK. It also has longevity. After 4 years 84% of users are still active. That compares to 35% on Google+. So you can ignore it but Pinterest ‘ain’t going no place’ any time soon!

5 ways to measure your Pinterest ROI and more

Pinterest itself offers some decent metrics on their site. Simply type in: This will give you all kinds of stats including repins, impressions, clicks, likes and anything  else including the Mason jar and the kitchen sink! Obviously you need to verify your website before these stats are available. Here are two examples from a newbie who has dipped their water into Pinterest in the last couple of weeks.

You could start with Here you will be able to track the success of repins.

This can be done by category or by all time favourite regardless of category. Should you wish to check out a specific pin – maybe one you are keen to check ROI, then an example such as this:  will show you its health. This one is listed as having 2043 repins. for example

Another possibility is Here you can search your domain or specific url and then sort it out by the number of shares on Pinterest.

Tailwindapp, on the other hand, will cleverly demonstrate your top pins and the number or repins from your domain. Both of these are useful metrics . has both free and paid plans, so take your pick. If you use this you will be walking in the footsteps of Ford and other big companies. They are constantly updating what they do, including the addition of publishing options. This is for serious Pinteresters, without a doubt.

Tailwindapp is a smart way to schedule on PinterestTailwindapp will allow you to schedule and a host of other pinteresting things.

I left my favourite until last: Ahalogy. I suspect I should have put it first. Great content comes before anything else. You just cannot get away with shoddy images. Pinterest is about inspiration, aspiration of wanting more from life in every way. Yes, it might sound materialistic but there are different Pinterest communities. These offer anything but material gain. Ahalogy helps any brand to identify their most relevant content. The things people love to repin are key. Ahalogy also allow access to 600000+ images and articles  from their network of more than 15000 publishers who are high end and extremely careful about what they do.

When you are involved with Ahalogy you receive even more help than mere stats can provide. This takes the guess work from knowing just what floats people’s collective boats.  Brands can pin to gain the  highest audience engagement. Ahalogy can tell you this as they know the specific techniques and have the data to prove their worth. This means Ahalogy will measure your results, but better than that, it will helps you improve performance. For me that’s what sets them apart. You can measure your Pinterest ROI but first of all you have to produce something on Pinterest worth measuring.

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I want to thank the LinkedIn group whose members inspired this post.

Thank you, Clay Conner who posed the original comment, Zhiping Walter, Ileane Smith, Brandon Schaefer, Kristen Black, Yvonne Miaoulis, Fei Zheng, Mike Koehler, Vishal Kataria, Amanda Falvo. It was a really interesting LinkedIn group.

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