Pinterest rich pins boost business

If you’re not using  Pinterest Rich pins then its time to begin

Pinterest is continuously looking for new ways to develop features to help businesses . One of the later additions are Pinterest Rich Pins. These pins, also known as “Super Pins” or “Enhanced Pins” include extra information on a pin. This makes them a powerful tool for businesses.

Currently there are five types of Pinterest rich pins available:

Place Pins

With the place pins, you can feature an address and phone number, but also a map. This is great if you have a physical bricks and mortar location to show where your business is. Alternatively, if you have products from an exotic location, you can showcase this here and add information about it. These Pinterest rich pins are perfect for travel brands. These pins are a complete must for companies who have franchises all over the place.

Article Pins

Article pins are a great way to publicise your blog. You can add a blog post as an article pin and not only will it display the picture, but also the title, author, story description and the URL of the blog post. Pinterest will also add automatic CTA for your pin.

Product Pins

This Pinterest rich pin is an absolute must for any e-commerce business and now they are easily enabled in any Bigcommerce store. They make it a whole lot easier for customers to buy your products. Product pins include features such as real time pricing, availability and where to purchase the product. Bonus features include things like price alerts, where pinners get notified when the product decreases in price.

Recipe Pins

If you have a blog where you post cooking ideas or recipes, or even a business, which sells cookware or kitchen utensils, these recipe pins will help bring your food pins to the next level. These pins include ingredients, cooking times, description, servings, dietary requirements as well as links to other related recipes.

Movie Pins

Netflix has already mastered the use of movie pins as they regularly post rich pins with details of the film such as actors, release date, ratings plus reviews from various sites such as Flixter and Rotten Tomatoes. This enhanced pin may seem like it is rather limited to the movie industry, but can also be useful for stores such as those selling movie paraphernalia.

How can I get started with Pinterest Rich Pins?

After deciding which type of enhanced pin you want to go for, you need to fill your site up with the appropriate meta tags. Once all the tags have been done, you will need to get the page validated within the Pinterest Validator.

5 Reasons why you should use Rich Pins

  • Automatic Updates: price changes will never have to be done manually, with rich pins, if you have a sale, they will update automatically to reflect the new price! This can also be applied with additional information e.g. new ingredients in a recipe.
  • Free price alerts: an automated email is sent out to pinners notifying them that the price of a product has dropped.
  • More information: this will ensure that pinners are more informed and so can make better decisions.
  • Increase in traffic: figures have shown that using rich pins has increased their traffic by up to 70%!
  • Boost in sales: due to the increase in traffic, there are more sales conversions. Also, with features such as price drop alerts, many more pinners are buying products seen on rich pins.

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