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Vivienne K Neale – The Pinterest Queen

Pinterest is one of those social media platforms that you may have heard about and know roughly what it is. Perhaps you don’t really know exactly how to use it to its full potential. You might have been advised your business would benefit. But how?

Gone are the days of trawling through pages of content to find out information about products and services. Everything is image-driven and after all, that is worth 1000 words. However, businesses already have so many social media sites to think about. It’s best to hire a Pinterest expert, rather than try to figure out the platform yourself. Why waste time when you can be concentrating on your own strengths?

What I will do on your Pinterest profile

My first step is to make your profile shine and ensure that it reflects your brand. This is essential. I will then follow the appropriate profiles and pin so the boards represent your company well. You don’t necessarily need to create your own content in order to develop a stunning board. I can curate content from various other relevant sites for your business.

Some of my clients usually want to hire me for about a month in order to get them up and running on Pinterest. Some have already signed up but need a serious Pinterest revamp. Others have set up an account but realise it needs a professional to squeeze out the most link juice. I will maintain and create your boards and boost your Pinterest presence to increase your brand awareness.

Why you should hire me to run your Pinterest business account?

I have been developing clients’ Pinterest boards for 18 months. I study trends, developments and algorithms in detail. These enable a business to stand out on Pinterest. Having achieved an MA in Creative Writing and being an established content writer you know your content will be of the highest quality. My experience in the industry is priceless; there are many “social media experts” out there, but there are not many who actually specialise in Pinterest. Therefore, if you hire a Pinterest expert like me, I’ll ensure your business receives a dedicated and creative approach to your profile.

Most of all, Pinterest is about passion. I absolutely love what I do and this is reflected in the work. Your content will be fuelled with creativity and enthusiasm. This approach will promote likes and repins essential to your brand success.

What Pinterest will do for your business

1.It will strengthen your brand

By displaying content that reflects your company and liking other pins by other companies. However, you can also use Pinterest for inspiration. You can perform market research by trawling through your competitors’ boards and seeing what they are promoting or selling.

2.Pinterest search is now very powerful and you should be part of that

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An active and attractive profile will boost your business. Of course, hiring a Pinterest expert will ensure that your boards are set up correctly for you to expand your reach. Your pins will feature on several other boards to be shared by thousands of others. In turn, this will help drive more traffic to your website and therefore increase sales.

3.I ensure your content is appropriate, attractive and links to your site

Obviously, before any of this happens, you will need to ensure content you display is attractive and viewers will want to look at it in the first place. This is where a Pinterest expert will have a major advantage. I have had so much experience seeing what excels and what doesn’t. I can ensure that you are displaying the right content that will get you and your business noticed. I can also help you know more about your customers

In addition I make use of other associated Pinterest providers that help augment your performance.  Ask me how. Have a look at this to improve your search.

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