Pinterest Management Services will increase impact

Pinterest is for life not just for a campaign

Pinterest management services will save you time and keep you up to date with developments. For example, meet Pinterest’s new visual search tool. It will impact on consumers’ initial moments of awareness. Will your products be in their eyeline?

I have been working on Pinterest for years

I fell in love with this social media platform from the day I accepted my invite. Ah yes, those were the days. Pinterest has obviously changed since then but it still remains one of the most time-consuming platforms. Why do I say this? Basically because it has a specific aesthetic. Like Instagram, if you go against this the community is not impressed. The London Evening Standard even interviewed me as they were shocked that freelancers were actually running businesses on the back of Pinterest management services. But I knew from the early days that businesses would need to devote the care, attention and time to Pinterest and most would not have the time.

Pinterest management services love the visual search tool

Since Pinterest started back in 2010 it has actually changed a lot. Recently yet more changes have been announced. That’s why Pinterest Management services can keep your boards in shipshape and ensure your goods get seen. In fact this new tool is very exciting. Did you know about it? If not do take a look at this!

Imagine walking into a shop and you happen to be looking for wedding hat inspiration or even garden furniture.[bctt tweet=” Stand in the shop, click on Pinterest search and then point the camera on your smartphone” username=”@supposeiam”] at anything that takes your fancy. Pinterest will then undertake a search automatically. It will fill the photo with images it thinks it can see. If you tap on the dot you can then find recommended items in the same genre. How cool is that?

It’s not quite ready but should be with us by Autumn 2016 at the latest. These visual search updates follow users’ needs. In addition, Pinterest will immediately detect objects in photos you open and suggest other examples. Once again you’ll see them as dots so they won’t impinge. All you have to do is tap the visual search button.

Pinterest is the biggest dedicated visual search engine

This is incredible. Pinterest is the biggest dedicated visual search engine and we probably only use a fraction of its capacity. Having invested heavily in this niche, Pinterest is about to unleash this capacity on all Pinteresters.[bctt tweet=” It moves Pinterest closer to being an ally when we need to shop.” username=”@supposeaim”] If you like it moves us closer to our initial awareness moments. This is vital because it’s an area e-commerce companies have some difficulty with. It is madness to underestimate Pinterest and write it off as a women only platform!

After all we make snap decisions in the real world for all kinds of reasons. Just think of the power that gives both e-commerce and consumers. Traditionally this is where stores score – we see it, we love it and it’s there in front of us. [bctt tweet=”E-commerce might well be able to stick the boot into traditional shops with this visual search development.” username=”@suppoesiam”]

It’s this focus on the visual that has always been so seductive to Pinteresters

I love my Pinterest Management contracts because I get to explore a completely different niche. I am always keen to explain to clients that there is no rush on Pinterest. You cannot just broadcast. How you create your boards, tag them and generally do all the fine detail will be even more important with these new visual search tools. It’s worth getting this right because Pinterest offers advertising tools that other social media networks find hard to match.

For further reading, read Techcrunch on Pinterest’s visual search

If you want Pinterest Management Services then contact us here and we’ll help you sort out your boards, your management and your long-term strategy. We take the pain out of your Pinterest Management time commitment.

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