Pinterest late adopter? Read on

Is it too late to start using Pinterest for your business?

Have you shrugged your shoulders regarding Pinterest? How many people think Pinterest is just a social media platform too far? That may not be such a bad thing because you will have missed the trailer. Now the action has really started. As a Pinterest late adopter you can launch in there and pin like a boss without any experimentation. Late adopters learn by others’ mistakes. A late adopter on Pinterest can clean up and give their business a real impact.

Why a Pinterest late adopter has everything to gain

It was a sunny afternoon in August 2012 and I was directed towards Pinterest. ‘Hey mum, come across this, thought it looked right up your street.’ My son was right I was target audience material. I remember having to be invited to join, how quaint. When I finally arrived on the platform I was besotted immediately. It appealed to all my scrapbooking, ‘my precious Gollum’ traits. I had no idea what I might get from it but I was hooked. I have experimented and gained traction. Now, a Pinterest late adopter can plunder all these experiences and get right in there, knowing just what they need to do and how to do it.

So what are the top 5 Pinterest Late Adopter takeaways?

Be sparkly, useful and be there.That ‘Gollum precious’ moment is the right instinct. Pinteresters are not necessarily socialites. Although they will tell you when they are hacked off or feel you are abusing the spirit. Actually, what they are doing is searching. Pinterest search is very powerful. They search for new outfits, what to cook for lunch, an idea for a bedroom makeover, ideas for a gift, plans for a garden, budget ideas for special occasions. Pinteresters are looking. They have the magpie claw ready to pin something sparkly and attractive. They also try out ideas on Pinterest. I’ve eyed up every piece of junk in the shed in a different way since following upcyclers. I’ve found ways to use up scraps, save money, make things and generally be a nicer person. Yes, dear reader that is a work in progress!

So, what’s the key takeaway, Pinterest late adopter? People are asking for things so give them what they want. Be the right product or service at just the right time. They are open minded and looking for something different. Give it to them and make it attractive.

Be a brand or individual that offers projects and ideas. Pinterest is great for developing a rounded personality. No one goes to Pinterest for headlines but they do go for aesthetics. According to a psychology paper we tend to group things into two categories ‘beautiful’ and ‘ugly’. These are our aesthetic judgments and we veer towards beauty. So pin gorgeous images, regardless if you sell screws, rivets or washers and you’ll get reach and repins.

Learn from others’ experiences. There are some pretty hot topics on Pinterest, late adopters so wise up. OK think fashion, and food, DIY of all types, decorating and travel. So, what do our riveters and screw sellers do about that then? Simple, they link their pics with useful content to the topic. So a stunning picture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a question about how many rivets does it take to build a bridge like that. Surprise surprise this pic leads straight back to the blog about the special offer…see where we’re going here? Find ways to fit your product, brand or service to life events. You cannot pin pics of your latest offering and expect anyone to engage, share or even notice.

Pinterest’s search is powerful so make use of it!Promoted pins are subtle. Great content is key, end of discussion. Something different, amazing with provocative written commentary will do. Pin something and promote ideas, inspiration, excitement, adventure, interest, beauty, difference. You want people to think ‘ I love this’ and share it. You can’t force someone do that.

Keep pinning. I always said Twitter was like a waterfall and each tweet was a drop. You can see just how many tweets it would take to make a splash. Pinning is the same. That’s not a crisis. With great cameras on mobiles or spares from photo shoots you’ll be surprised just how much you can gather. You can pin similar pics on different boards with a change of content. What if your recipe for frittata ended up in packed lunch ideas, eating al fresco, quick midweek meals and so on? You can repin old stuff but it has to be good. These are some key take aways a Pinterest late adopter can use to start their social media marketing on this platform.

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