Pinterest is not all glamour and lipstick

Dismiss Pinterest and lose out on one helluva content marketing opportunity

Pinterest, looks sassy, walks the walk and talks the talk. Is it just looks or are there some brains in the mix too? You bet.

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This image was taken from Micah Gianneli’s board which is drop dead gorgeous

Everything about Pinterest is easy

As a result this sm platform fills the needs of customers –simple. It’s not about news, although there is always something new. It’s not just about what’s happening but it taps into pinners’ passions. Pinterest’s red lips, high heels and fish net stocking sassiness connects with some basic desires. We love to look after all. Red is a real siren colour and it gets us every time.

We don’t feel manipulated on Pinterest, but of course we are

Pinterest still feels personal and the community kicks off when anyone comes in without a creative campaign. As a consequence the brains behind the pout in Pinterest has become such a compelling platform for content marketers.

Interestingly this red -lipped siren appeals to women

She (and Pinterest is a she for me) is appealing to millennial women (although I am not one, but sometimes feel as I have been around since the first millennium, it has to be said) So we are looking at a fan base who are under 40. They love to flick through, discover new products. They are looking for new ideas, things to buy, things to covet and things they may well save for. It’s about lifestyle, ambition and aspiration. Oh hell, is that a heady mixture. Whoo, I can smell the raging hormones from here! Just check out Jennifer Chong for example.

We’ve moved from magazines to online browsing

What Pinterest has shown us is the shift from magazines, catalogues and brochures to online consumer porn. Yet our sexy siren has even more tucked up her stocking top. She is actively used as a search platform, oh yes! 75% of activity comes through mobile.  Did you know 30% of users refer to the Pinterest app when they are in store? I She appeals to the ‘I am bored, I want entertaining now brigade and the , I have 5 minutes downtime, soothe me NOW, or I need information I want it NOW! So there is an immediacy, a desire to have an itch scratched, a creative urge fulfilled. Interestingly too, 80% of all traffic comes from only 18% of users. So we have Pinterest pushers who have quite a habit between them.

So before you dismiss this beauty start checking out Pinterest’s analytics

Pinterest is about SEO optimization too and you can see just what keywords are being searched. With this in mind you can really start working on click rate improvement. The search data can easily impact on copy descriptions, oh yes. Check the stats, use the data. Pinterest is not just for those who just like the pictures. She’s a streetwalker that knows all about her punters and they keep coming back time and again. ‘Hey mister, want me to show you a good time?’

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