Thought leadership Passle removes the hassle

Thought leadership is something we all want but it takes time

To be a thought leader or influencer in a specific niche or sector  is a valid ambition for a number of important reasons. The problem is this ambition requires research and hours spent poring over documents. Then there’s the little matter of considering your carefully crafted response. Wouldn’t it be great if we could comment quickly and effectively without having to disappear into an ivory tower to do it? If you are looking for such a solution then Passle has all the tools you might need to make the process much easier.

[bctt tweet=”Your thought leadership bid obviously needs an orange octopus”]

When you add Passle to your toolbar you make friends with an octopus. It might seem too quirky to be of value but this octopus grabs all the content you come across in your niche or sector and then  helps you create something quite special.

This is how it works:

  1. When you join Passle you need to add the octopus to your tool bar
  2. Then you find a relevant news article. White paper, case study or article that is important to you and your potential readers.
  3. Highlight the section of text that represents the key themes of the article and it will show up a Passle Post Template.
  4. Add a headline
  5. Then write your response to the article. You can write as little or as much as you like.
  6. Add the tags next – right now there is a maximum of 20 characters . That is frustrating as my favourite tag: ‘digital transformation’ is too long. I have complained!
  7. When you have proofed your response you’ll see the octopus has scooped up the extract and when you post it the whole article comes with it making the Passle look most attractive.
  8. Then comes the interesting bit. With any luck the article you have chosen has already been tweeted. You have the option of choosing the tweet upon which you wish to piggyback so you click on that – make the Passsle live and also share on other social media platforms. There is the option. Ta dah! Very quickly you can create a series of posts that clearly demonstrates to anyone viewing your profile, just what you are all about. This is mine at the moment.

In addition these short, sharp and pithy responses to news are attractive enough and easily digested for people in a hurry. You get the kudos of showing your expertise, niche, interest and position and also the chance to thank the person whose tweet you have used. They are likely to share again – ego dictates it after all!

With the aforementioned options to post on social media and also a Passle community to help you out it’s [bctt tweet=”Passle is a very contemporary way to curate content meaningfully, quickly and attractively. “]Writing content strategy; creating a Passle newsletter and more detailed information about Passle’s role in content marketing to follow in my next blog.

To see more from Paul Boag, whose article I Passled on UX this morning for the purposes of this blog, go to the Digital Marketing Summit in London May 5 2016 I’ll be there too, so do come and say hi.

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