Passle and the future of content marketing

Passle can transform your ability to create thought leadership pieces quickly

I interviewed Claire Trevien about Passle,. It’s a relatively new super fast and exciting content creation tool.

Basically you install their toolbar bookmark, find an interesting article,comment using a  template, and publish.  You can also  select tweets from people commenting on the  same article to add context.

Passle has three key components:

  • They provide straightforward, easy to use and intuitive software,
  • Luckily this is backed up by comprehensive training. Both these things will maximise initial engagement quickly and easily.
  • Feedback follows and reporting from the leading edge of behavioural science . This will assist in making your content marketing more successful and granular.

It’s certainly exciting stuff and I reviewed the tool last week. So it was great to catch up with Claire Trevien, ‘Marketer of the Year’ finalist at the CIM Awards 2016, and  Passle’s Content Marketer. I wanted to talk to her about  its impact on content marketing. So I began by asking Claire why she thought this development was a necessary entrant to a content marketing strategy:

CT: Passle is made for clever, busy people out there. They feel pressure to have an  online presence. Yet often don’t have tech skills training or just don’t have the time. We offer something  very different from corporate speech and white papers. It’s a way to comment instantaneously on breaking industry news. We designed our product to be easily integrated and very easy to use. All barriers disappear for people without that digital experience. I like to think we make the process fun too with our training techniques! It’s also great for smaller businesses, who might not have a marketing team.

VN: I would agree and have found Passle quite addictive. I think it’s ideal for SMEs without staff and/or a marketing department.

CT: Yes, I think the fact that it’s an all-in-one solution means people have to make fewer steps to share their expertise online. In one place you can create content, share it easily to social media. You can also create and send out a newsletter from that content. All that without needing to leave Passle!

VN: How important do you think thought leadership is in 2016?

CT: Extremely. There’s a lot of competition out there and businesses need to differentiate themselves. The key is to own your niche and be known for your expertise in that niche, using thought leadership. You can use the tool for that – creating one for each of your specialties for instance. That kind of thing is [bctt tweet=”To get your website a high quality ranking create expert content regularly for SEO gold.”]

I think this can be daunting for a lot of businesses – they think this means lots of heavy, involved, expensive content, but we’ve seen a lot of success for our clients just by using the blog commentary format. The FinTech Collective, for instance, were early adopters  and it’s worked really well for them, just by having experts comment on fintech headlines in one or two sentences.

VN: But is content curation just another excuse to clog the Internet arteries even further?

CT: Yes, if it’s just curation without purpose. What makes us different is that you give your personal stamp, your expert commentary (I should add that it’s also possible to create content on Passle without using the blog commentary format).

VN: I agree 100%. Within a week of joining the service I was complimented on my thought leadership and was asked for an interview. I thought that was pretty impressive and demonstrated the potential power of Passle and growing communities of like-minded people.

CT: I am glad to hear that. For us we see Passle as a great way to get businesses to really become known as the go-to-experts in their niche. We really want the people working in the business to create content. This is not just the prerogative of the marketing team or ghost writers. Everything we encourage our clients to do, we’ve done to ourselves. This includes our gamification and training techniques. We’ve definitely seen the positive effect it’s had on our own business. People trust people, and content marketing shows why you’re the expert rather than just telling people that you are.

VN: I have to say I am really excited to see where my Passle journey takes me and am looking forward to the latest developments. Do you have any plans in the pipeline?

We’ve got various exciting things in development, and we always welcome suggestions and feedback from clients to continue making Passle as useful as possible for busy experts!

If you’ve used the Passle digital marketing platform we’d love to connect and hear your thoughts. Do leave us a comment and begin the conversation or connect on Twitter

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