Page speed matters to your website, here’s why (Part 1)

If the page speeds on your website are slow, visitors vanish

How slow is slow? Well sadly anything above 4 seconds! Yes, it may well be their loss but ultimately it’s yours. Think of all the effort that has gone into attracting visitors and then they are gone forever, just like that. Page speed matters and this is what you can do to improve it. So grab a drink, settle yourself down, and make the promise to start sorting these issues from now on.

Page speed equals money

Firstly, page speed contributes to people’s positivity about your website. If they feel good, get the information they want quickly they are more likely to buy. Yes, you can stop reading now!

But seriously, page speed is very important. So what can you do to improve it? What happens if you have no tech ability? Read on as we have some answers for you.

Two top indicators that suggest your website is not worth bothering with

The load speed of your website is an indicator of how seriously you take your business. Think about it. If you don’t care about the user experience on your website how much effort will you take to provide the products and services you are selling? The two are symbiotic. So check how quickly it takes for your web browser to load up a specific section of your website from the website server. Yes, time it. That decision to go for shared hosting may well be costing you a lot more money. Did you know many potential customers and visitors give you about 4 seconds to prove yourself and then they are off.

Google favours quick page load speed

It has an algorithm to check you are doing the business. If your site speed is too slow, especially on mobile you may find your search visibility is affected. You ranking can and probably will plummet if you don’t fix page load issues.

How can you fix page load times without resorting to code or hiring a top flight developer?

Years ago when domestic phone lines arrived some people were offered party lines. You would have to share a line and if someone else was talking you couldn’t make a call. The interesting aspect was you could listen in to other people’s conversations! But still it wasn’t much of a bonus when you needed to make a call. It sounds crazy but stop for a moment. Some business owners have opted for shared hosting. Sound familiar?

Super fast page load speeds need dedicated web hosting

If your shared hosting is jostling with many other websites you are going to suffer from slow load times. Yes, it might appear to be a cheap option but it may be costing your business dear. So change your web host provider and choose one that suits the real needs of your business. Look for premium dedicated hosting that also offers 24/7 support. If your pages are taking 4 seconds plus to download it really will pay to make that switch now.

Pay attention to image size on your site

You may think WordPress is super easy to use. It is. However, do not rely on its photo/ image dimension resizing tool. It may look like a very easy option but there is a big BUT. If you load a large image and then let the plugin reduce it then each time someone loads the page it has to be reduced and that takes time. Result? Slow page load time.

Crop and compress images BEFORE uploading

That’s our top tip. If you don’t know how this is done then a program like Pic Monkey is ideal and there are others such as Gimp or TinyPNG. You won’t suffer any quality compromise but it will help page load speeds and it’s a simple thing to do. Also ensure you format images correctly too. They should be JPEGs or PBGs. The former are ideal for photographic images and the latter is the optimum solution for diagrams etc. What are you waiting for? If you think this won’t make much difference some sites have reported a drop of more than 5 seconds by taking this approach. Ignore this advice and pay the penalty.

Time savers can be time wasters

Plugins, ha, how we love them. But beware, they might look like glorious time savers but they sap site speed like Kryptonite’s effect on Superman. You may have browsed the plugin list and been seduced. Stop right now! Only choose the plugins you honestly could not live without and ditch the rest. Do this one at a time. As you kill each plugin use GT Metrix to see how much your site speed improves. There’s a possibility of being very surprised by the results.

Sort these basic issues out first then Click here for Part 2

Meanwhile if we have convinced you that website maintenance is an important part of your website development then click here. We can manage your web maintenance and take away all the hassle from running your website. Imagine that!

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