Our team would like to be part of your team.

Hire us when you need our skills without draining your resources.

VKN Digital is staffed by experienced professionals.  Our specialisms are : Social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, website design & development and graphic design.

We always listen carefully so you can be confident we totally understand your needs. We will always suggest other possibilities for your consideration.

We like a phone conversation or webinar to ‘meet’ our clients. We’re even happy to travel as appropriate. You have an initial idea and together we’ll develop and smooth the edges.

The human touch is essential in successful business partnerships. Everything we create will be bespoke to your specific needs. Our imaginative and highly creative approach to website design and content has high impact.

We’ll need your business objectives, current url, branding collateral and any digital assets you have. If you are starting out, don’t panic, we can assist you to create a brand story and guide you all the way to success.

If you don’t have any concrete ideas at present please give us some examples of competitors or websites/ branding you love. It’s good for use to know your preferred vibe and  the kind of branding you love.

We’ll then discuss your aims and objectives, your target audience, budget and overall aspirations. We’’ discover where your target audience hangs out and what messages they take action on. Then we’ll move forward.

We’ll offer a detailed work time estimate and budget for your  consideration. If you agree we will put more meat on the bones and begin the process. We ask for a 50% deposit to begin work.

Creativity, create, work, earn

We charge £45.00 for a 30 minute Skype/Zoom call. This will be taken off your final bill if you book us to undertake your website design or development, maintenance or copywriting work. Please note we do charge VAT.

We are creative, inspiring and reliable. Our process has been evolving since 2012.

We are the digital team you have been searching for.

Call us today 01302 272055 and kick start your new business look.