What You Need To Know About Pinterest’s Update

Regular Pinterest user? Worried that everything seems different? Don’t worry, we have all the information you need to know.

When opening the Pinterest app, whether on smartphone or desktop, a few changes may have caught your attention. Have you seen missing descriptions or your pins attracting more repins than you remember seeing? Before getting too alarmed, let’s talk about the changes and what Pinterest has to say about them.

Visual Search and Shopping

Pinterest says: Ever since we introduced new visual discovery tools back at the beginning of the year, we’ve been tinkering with more and better ways to help you spot ideas you love—from visual search for Chrome to recipe-finding tools to interface improvements.”

Visual search is a way to not only appreciate what you see in your feed, but also add it to your life by proving ways to purchase products or put ideas into action. This is of an obvious change really as Pinterest is becoming a shopping medium similar to Etsy. We don’t mind at all though! Long gone are the days of seeing something you HAVE TO HAVE but can’t figure out how or where to get it. It’s a perfect enhancement to the best shopping experiences.

Small businesses also approve of the visual search and shopping changes since the update creates one more platform for your products and services – especially with the new ShopStyle partnership (we will talk more about this later on in this post). So if you need help optimizing your pins for your small business, check out this helpful post from Brightedge.

Lens Your Look

Pinterest says: “Lens Your Look lets you add a photo of an item from your closet to your text search so you get the best ideas to try yourself. This means you can search in whatever way makes sense for what you happen to be looking for, whether you have the words or an image to describe it.”

If you have ever been asked to describe yourself, you probably know how hard it can be to find the words. We also face this when talking to a salesperson at a shop especially when looking for a product of which we don’t know the name. Lens Your Look helps you connect what you already own to what you want to add to your wardrobe. You can even find new uses for the clothes you already have in your closet. If you’ve ever wanted a futuristic personal shopper – here is your opportunity!

Pinterest Usability

You can see more information straight from Pinterest here. Note that some of the changes outlined below are only available on Android smartphones, but Pinterest plans to extend changes across all devices.

Repin Tally

Pinterest says:You’ll now see the total number of repins and likes the Pin has gotten across all of Pinterest (before you only saw how many people saved your copy of that Pin).”

Pinterest used to be full of dozens of copies of the same pin. Each with different descriptions and repin counts. Developers at Pinterest have consolidated these pins to create counts for the original pin rather than individual repins. This can help you see exactly how popular a pin is across the platform rather than just on your page.

Expanded Accessibility

Pinterest says:We also added a way to see all the boards where a Pin was saved. Just tap “See all Pinners” to see the full list—you may find a few boards you want to follow.”

We are particularly excited about this change. With one click you can see each person who repined that particular image. With this full list you can easily scroll through to see all of the people who like the things you like. This is a simple way to find great new boards to follow and pins that match the boards you already have.

Official Descriptions

Pinterest says: “We’re no longer requiring that you add a note when you Pin, and we’re only showing you the note on a Pin if it was specifically added by its Pinner. We hope this is more useful than assuming everyone wants to keep the previous Pinner’s way of describing a Pin.”

This can be a good or bad change depending on the way you used notes or descriptions before. Many pinners like to add their own spin to pins. Others see this task as a hassle. Whichever camp you belong to, take note that your pins will still have descriptions, but you can only add notes to pins you create. This will definitely ruin some people’s approach to piggy-backing on a successful pin.

Have you noticed Pinterest’s changes? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

If you need help negotiating these new development or feel your business Pinterest boards need a revamp, then contact us right here and let us manage them for you.

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