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Yet how many are truly confident about the role a meta description plays in the content they craft? Are you still writing your own content and simply including the default snippet? Well, that’s probably not doing your content any justice. As Google refines its search even further user intent is integral to this process. Google now understands through behavioural data what the user might be looking for, the context and the purpose. Therefore it’s not just about question and answer, it’s far more subtle. You have to write great content, that’s a given. But how will you fulfil user expectations? The process begins  with an H1 Title Tag and develops with the meta description. Here’s how.

Lesson no 1 Tee-up user expectation

A meta description is not going to affect search results for your business URL. Let’s make that clear. However, that does not make a meta description less important. Oh no. Your meta is equivalent to a welcome and an assurance to a potential consumer they have stopped at the right place. What you are doing is teeing up the user’s expectations neatly. That way they are more likely to click through. You’ve told them you have what they are looking for.

Lesson 2 How to write an excellent meta description

Think very carefully about your website pages. Yes, that means each one of them. You need to be thinking about your own branding, what the user’s intent might be when searching for your type of content and what is being searched for. This is called the vertical or competitive landscape.

You will then need to craft 150-160 words with precision. Do not waste this opportunity. It’s almost your shop signage that should be bold and engaging. These few words can set you head and shoulders above the crowd. So pay attention to the meta description. It should not be an afterthought.

Lesson 3 Do more than use a template

We are all in a hurry. Life and business moves at breakneck speed. We are always being told to work smarter and not harder. Templates are great but I know you are sensing another ‘but’ coming along. If your description looks like every other one in a search why should a user choose you? The key consideration is to be unique in your description. Take time and care to craft something that gives consumers answers they are looking for. Think about how excited you are to see the new HD TV in the shop window with its spec and its special price. Tempting right? You will stop and look. If your meta description is written by a creative who understands UX then you are onto a winner. You can delight your customer in advance and even improve search performance. So why wouldn’t you spend time avoiding template speak?

We are all time poor and you have the power to help within a meta description

To give you a specific example of a template meta description you are likely to see:  the name of the product, it aggregate rating and then some comment re postage or delivery. That’s ok. But imagine you are looking for a hiking jacket and you get not only the product name, price etc. but also some key descriptive phrases like “non crease” “waterproof” or ideal for travel. You’d be more interested. ‘Yes, that looks like the thing I had in mind.’ What’s happened is your questions have already been addressed to some extent and you know your time is unlikely to be wasted. Remember, what none of us have these days is time. So do not underestimate the potential to show people they are close to their goal.

Lesson 4 Rich text and meta descriptions

Obviously you are aiming for a rich result that is obviously well defined. But sometimes webmasters get carried away when they are in charge of a retail business and their focus is on ecommerce search. For example don’t forget that social proof is important. Also do not ignore the process around securing consumer confidence. All these things will impact on what kind of click-through rate you get to your online store. If you want to know more about Rich Results to improve e-commerce search read this great article.

Why high performing meta descriptions need skilful writing

So you can see that 150-160 words is more than a chore. It is an opportunity to seduce a customer, to welcome and demonstrate that your offering will solve their problem. It is not magic. You will need a quality writer who can manipulate language to extract the most information from the fewest words. In fact it is often more time-consuming and skilful to create micro content than something like a white paper. Consumer tolerance and patience is at an all time low. Therefore what you create in a meta description is your one shot at success. Blow it and a consumer skips off to the next option. You know from your own behaviour you want lots of information that is easily digestible and read in seconds. See what I mean? You need an excellent writer to achieve this for you.

Hiring the appropriate writers may cost money but it saves time, improves your output and can increase sales

Words might seem like old hat in the days of video content but who writes the scripts? Who creates the metas to make you click in the first place? Writers, that’s who! At VKN Digital Ltd we have sourced a stable of top quality writers who are all trained  in UX, understand the latest Google algorithm changes and can spin content from broken threads.

Our writers undertake the following commissions:

White Papers

Case Studies

Email Campaigns

Landing Pages

Meta Descriptions


Script Writing

Web Content

E-commerce content


Repurposing Content

LinkedIn articles


We do NOT use templates and treat each client as bespoke. We have never been pulled up for plagarism as it’s something we do NOT practise. There are many writers who can produce content for pence but our team is constantly tracking algorithm changes and reading contemporary articles to further enrich what we do.

If you are looking for a writer to complete a complex, long, special or difficult writing project please do contact us for a no obligation 10 minute chat about meta descriptions or anything else.

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