Marketing Strategy 2016 what’s different?

The sales funnel is dead reflect this in your digital marketing strategy 2016

That might be a dramatic headline but within any Marketing Strategy 2016 it’s in its death throes. [Tweet “The sales funnel image has had its day. “]Why? It’s quite simple; the sales funnel no longer describes the customer journey. You can’t create content, generate a lead then send in the sales team. People aren’t prepared to be squeezed through a funnel. Make things difficult, impersonal, uncomfortable and pressurised you’re sunk. Your customers then behave as if you are trying to squeeze a balloon in to a box. Think about it!

[Tweet “Within a marketing strategy 2016 put customers first and that’s a fact.”] It’s not up for debate. Customer service and creating loyalty that leads to advocacy must be your baseline.

A smart digital marketing strategy 2016 is essential

This strategy needs to be based on data. This will help you create the most appropriate message. This needs  to be shown to the right people when they need it. [Tweet “Being customer centric is not new but it’s not an optional extra in 2016 either”]. The point is your marketing has to map their journey. Empathise, imagine their confusion, pain points and needs. Consider what you need to communicate, when and how often. You are looking to kick off an emotional response. It’s only then will people respond, that is,  become engaged by and with your offering. This  really isn’t new but it is essential to make a marketing strategy 2016 be your most successful ever.

[Tweet “When the emotional trigger is isolated strangely this is when people start thinking logically.”] ‘I am in a bad situation’ they might be thinking. ‘This company can see that I am struggling with x, y and z. Their product or service solves these issues. If I were to buy in they will make my life easier.’ This is where you show them what you’re made of, what credentials you possess. This way the potential customer warms to you. Their emotion is likely to move from panic, fear and  frustration to something far more positive. This is where they begin to understand you solve a problem for them. Is your marketing  strategy 2016 doing that right now?

Your marketing strategy 2016 needs space to breathe and time to work

If you walk through a shop door or browse a website there’s nothing more off putting than an over enthusiastic assistant. [Tweet “‘How can I help?’ racks up the pressure”]. Without watching the behaviour of your client how can you possibly know what kind of help they might need? The key is to be there at exactly the point when they need you. You must be on hand when the time is right and not before. Therefore deciding what to say in your marketing message is key. When and how to say it, and to whom, will actually be the baseline marketing activity in 2016.

What’s costing you customers and growth?

  • Are customers clear about what you do or offer? Is everyone in the company absolutely clear so that each aspect of your marketing strategy 2016 underpins this vision?
  • How many customers no longer buy from you? Have you planned consistent (but not intrusive) customer communication? Do they even remember who you are? Creative, informative, educational, attractive newsletters and/or emails will help.
  • How do you welcome your customers and make them feel special?
  • Do you have an approach that is consistent, useful and welcoming? Do you deliver your promises? Are you consistent with expectations and more importantly, do you exceed them?
  • Do you give time to create an emotional connection with your customer. Do you even know what type of customers you have? Have you consistently reviewed your written content with a professional to create the appropriate tone for your business?
  • Does your marketing take your potential customers by the hand and show them what being your customer will be like? Do you help them step by step? Are you easy to contact? Is there someone available to help when the customer needs help?
  • How do you address the needs of the decision maker? How do you convince the keeper of the purse strings that you are the solution?
  • Where are your testimonials or other proofs that you are the one. It’s not what you say it’s how you make a customer feel that will be remembered and acted upon.
  • Do you give just enough information at the appropriate time? Do you make visitors curious? Are they encouraged to discover more?
  • Are you consistent cross platform while also taking into consideration the different ways people engage on mobile, on tablet, on desktop and on social? Do you know where they hang out? Are you there? Have you worked out the optimal times to publish content so your target audience will see it?
  • Have you encouraged and rewarded people that are loyal and who talk about you? Is your marketing watertight?
  • Do you have creative strategists working for your company that will create content that promotes an emotional response? [Tweet “Are you getting noticed?”] If you need help writing your digital marketing strategy for 2016 then contact us now.

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