Marketing Automation the cold impersonal truth

Marketing automation ticks many boxes

Marketing automation, love it or loathe it it’s here. It’s like the advent of the washing machine (that eventually became the automatic washing machine of course) it saved a massive, time-consuming trip to the river and back.

All good you might say. Fantastic, yes.…but. Of course there’s a but. The communal laundry sessions were bonding. They brought a community together doing something that was an integral part of their lives. Gossip was exchanged, news, ideas, tips and songs were sung. Cute you might say, but it still doesn’t make me want to exchange my super deluxe computerised machine for a morning at the river with a washing basket on my head!

No, I’m not suggesting that for a moment. But marketing automation’s biggest flaw is the lack of personalisation. I don’t mean ‘based on your last purchase you might like’ kind of personalisation or adding my name to an email. Neither does the kind of message that says: “Although this is an automated message I do appreciate your follow.” (what is that about? Why do I even care?) Too often we are carried away by the potential marketing automation affords without thinking about the person at the end of it.

Marketing Messages are about research, connection and personalisation

Hopefully everyone knows by now that your marketing messages have to be the product of careful research about what the real, live, living, breathing person is all about. We have freewill. Your automated marketing software doesn’t. Sometimes marketers forget this. No one ever reaches out to me and adds the truly personal touch. ‘Hey, we noticed you bought a pair of loafers. Do you like them? Would you like more ‘loafer’ suggestions or have you moved on? We’d love to know so we can offer just what you want to make your day special. If you let us know your opinion and your next potential purchase idea we’ll even offer you a discount to say thank you.’

Now you have my attention. Marketing automation will take the hard work out of the process but a little tweak, a small ‘massage’ will make it personable and actionable.

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About the author:

Vivienne Neale is a digital disruptor and digital transformationalist who is keen to blend (wo)man and machine in a seamless and truly exciting relationship. We all need an ambition after all! Contact us on 0203 633 0618 for help with your digital marketing and transformation.

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