Local Content Marketing: A Powerful Tool for Small Businesses

We know content marketing is powerful but with Google’s latest algorithm change local content marketing is the real winner. Here’s why.

You may not have the marketing power of big brands but people tend to favour local search results. This gives local businesses, like yours, an obvious edge. Why? Because you can target with almost pinpoint accuracy. You can be hyper-targeted by potential customers. After all, you are not looking for global appeal; you simply want to be the local ‘go-to’ solution.

So why is local content marketing still so important?

You are an expert in your field. You can be the trusted ‘go-to’ resource and therefore the news, information and resources you create can become very useful to your audience. That is the differentiator. Bear in mind, the Internet is swimming in content these days. We recently wrote a piece about what we termed ‘infobesity’. [bctt tweet=”Changes that favour local search results mean that local content is more valuable” username=”@supposeiam”]It can be more targeted and is much more likely to be shared.

So what will you gain from Local Content Marketing?

Local content marketing will:

1. Help you increase local brand awareness. You might even be featured in the local press. After all, they are hungry for stories too.

2. Generate more traffic to your website. The bonus is it’s likely to be qualified traffic. With mobile search driving online behaviours, people are often looking for local solutions and they want information in the moment.

3. Generate more inbound links to your website. When local content is shared on social channels or even by email, this generates one more link – another doorway – to your website.

4. Encourage people to share your information on their social feeds. But it does need to be attractive, engaging and shareable.

What ideas might help you gain attention with your Local Content Marketing?

Being personable, engaging, provocative and informative makes your content useful, valuable and hopefully actionable too. First of all you need to consider what specific aims you have in mind for your local content marketing. It’s not a smart move to create content without thinking about its specific purpose.

Consider these local content marketing ideas:

Publish a guide and update it regularly

This would help you become a local resource and authority. Think about how that might help support and underpin your niche or core services.

Develop a personality for your brand

If you’re personable and helpful, people will naturally place their trust in you as they are likely to meet you. So its important to create content that prompts conversation or a reaction. This is especially true if you are looking to increase your social media followers. People want images, gifs and humour. You need to make an emotional impact to prompt a share, and carve this behaviour into a brand personality. But your content must be short and sweet; you want to grab and keep their attention. Make references to things people are talking about. [bctt tweet=”Link local to national and start talking to people in your community” username=”@supposeiam”]

Use local information wherever you can

This will help people who have an interest in your local area. Remember, newbies will be moving in just as plenty will be moving out. So don’t be afraid to update evergreen content. This may well attract qualified traffic. It’s a start at least.

How can you get started with Local Content Marketing?

If you want to really start generating traffic to your website then you need to start producing local content marketing assets that give away ideas. “10 independent shops in Hatfield you should visit”, for example. Local topics, photos and ideas all combine to make you become a useful and authoritative resource.

If brand awareness is your key objective then creating information-packed local resources, guides and infographics should be your priority. It’s crucial that your branding is always highly visible in this type of content, which you can take offline too. Local publications, church magazines, calendars, diaries and any other type of branded merchandise. These offline channels hang around for ages and keep your brand top of mind throughout the year.

If this all sounds a bit too time-consuming then you can always utilise local services to help produce your local content marketing assets. It will help you join up with another local business and grow your network.

At Vivienne K Neale, local SEO and local content marketing for Hatfield, Welwyn, St Albans and Stevenage are our specialities. So why not start a conversation about local content marketing for your business today? We know the best local place for coffee and cakes so come and join us! Call us today on 020 3633 0618

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