LinkedIn Connections into Leads

Transforming LinkedIn connections into leads is not difficult

Most people simply fail to follow through, collect connections and forget them. We explain some key things to help you make the transformation.

I wonder how many people simply keep LinkedIn going, just in case

You know, just in case a recruiter fancies headhunting me or just in case I connect with someone useful. Or maybe you are on LinkedIn because you feel under pressure to be there. Whatever your reason it’s a good idea to work hard at developing an easy strategy to make sure LinkedIn has some tangible uses. In this article we explain how a little organisation and planning can transform your connections into leads.

LinkedIn connections into Leads in easy steps

Before doing anything do make sure your profile is enticing, engaging and saying exactly what you need it to say. If you are struggling to articulate your thoughts there are professionals around who can help you create a stunning LinkedIn profile. Pay attention to the header image – make it a good photo, preferably a professional one. Make sure all your contact details are up to date. Use your business email. Also make sure you say what you do, how you do it and what you can achieve for clients. Make that attractive and it will make a difference. Also make sure your profile is complete. Add everything and take time and care over your profile before doing anything else. This is a key tip so please don’t ignore it.

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Firstly you want to be systematic in your approach

Take ten minutes at the same time every day to nurture your account. Everything in life needs a little care and attention and social media is no different. That’s why the word ‘social’ is so important. So, decide who you would like to connect with. If you are not quite sure then consider a few pointers to make your search easier:

Are you looking at a specific seniority level?

For example you might want to connect with CEOs or Chief Information Officers. Maybe you are after buyers, journalists or accountants. Be clear about seniority level and job title and your search becomes much simpler.

Maybe you want to connect with local businesses or perhaps in a specific city. Make your decision regarding location.

Perhaps the niche or industry is key

Maybe you are looking to target interior designers, tea merchants, contract cleaners, IT etc. Make some decisions and then use filters to find them.

You may well want to target a particular size of company

If your product is luxury, high end, expensive or suitable for a large concern it may be of little value going after startups and SMEs. But you never know, that decision has to be yours.

To transform LinkedIn contacts into leads you need to plan and execute

Obviously you need to make these decisions but by doing some basic planning then the people you gather around you will be relevant, useful and are much more likely to listen to what you might have to say. You may well find that because your connections have a common interest or can make the kind of decisions you want them to make they would be happy to take a call, email or even meet. But don’t be in a hurry to convert. No one appreciates a pushy LinkedIn connection that only wants them for one thing. Subtlety wins the race in this instance.

Be original, be personable, be useful on LinkedIn

Once you have found the connections you have isolated then you need to consider how you can utilise LinkedIn positively. The important thing is to consider what your prospect’s reaction to you might be. As I said, pushy sales people tend to get ignored. Also using a specific template also looks very obvious. This is where you need to come across as useful, genuine and worth knowing. Work out how you can promote these qualities and make good use of LinkedIn.

One way is to try and get a call

If you are targeting the right people who you have identified as having the correct need you may have some success. But first of all do have some sales objectives in mind. Planning really is key to this.

But first of all keep your LinkedIn profile live

Go on LinkedIn every day and start actually responding to people’s connections. They may have simply hit the thumbs up icon or said thanks. Don’t despair it’s an opening and you can connect with them in an interesting manner. Be interested in them. Ask the right questions. Once again you need to plan these in advance so they sound natural. If your questions are answered you can start building up a profile of what your new connection might be looking for. It’s electronic networking – honestly. Do what you would do in any networking events: start a conversation, be interesting, helpful, interested; it’s simple stuff if you want to turn LinkedIn connections into leads. If you are targeting by location and it’s convenient why not offer to buy them a coffee and set a date. If it’s in your home/work town they are likely to think, why not? Watch this video from Linkfluencer to see why it really matters.


These are the simplest, cheapest but very effective way to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile. Personally some of my most lucrative contacts have come through LinkedIn. Guess what? People found me. So, I would say, if your profile is completed effectively you should appear in people’s search and some of the work will have been done for you.

If you need your LinkedIn profile tweaked so you can start turning LinkedIn connections into leads yourself then do ask us for help. At VKN Digital we specialise in writing articles for LinkedIn too. Just pick up the phone and let’s have a chat. There’s absolutely no obligation and we may be able to give you some useful free advice. Call us today on (+44) 01302 272055 and maybe connect with me on LinkedIn and do mention you read this article in your connection request.

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