Landing Pages are used for conversion success

Why you should Use Landing Pages

Landing pages increase conversion rates. It really is that simple.  Why would that be you might be wondering? A landing page is targeted. People are searching for something specific and your landing page is advertising something specific. You might be  promoting something like: lightweight summer fun fur coats or have a defined objective. This will match the spirit of the advertisement your visitors clicked on to get to this destination. They were looking for something, you provided the exact opportunity. You can see why this might work.

Landing Pages are like specific aisle signs in supermarkets

You stand in a supermarket wondering where the cereal is. The signs above the shelves in bold writing should be able to guide you from distance. Your website is like a supermarket, your home page is like  a store section and your landing page is the exact shelf with the product in easy view. Your home page is probably gorgeous but you don’t necessarily want all your traffic to wind up there. It’s probably all about your branding and what you think and all the links people are looking for. remember, the thing no one has these days is time. So, if I have isolated a specific deal, product or service I’d love it if I can get straight there and preferably make the purchase.When it comes to user experience the fewer the clicks the better.

Want to focus a user’s mind? Try a landing page

If we return to the supermarket scenario it’s easy to get distracted and even forget what you came in for. Therefore reappraise your website’s home page and notice that anything that doesn’t tie in with your conversion goal is like to distract the user. Then what happens? You’ll find, like anything, when the message is diluted it’s likely that the conversion rate will falter too. That’s why landing pages work. They focus the mind like almost nothing else! (I did say”almost”).

What do you need to know about landing pages?

  • Firstly you need to get under the skin of why your potential customer does what she does
  • Once you understand that you can engage your customer or potential customer
  • Then you want to generate more leads
  • After that your bedside manner has to be attractive as you need to nurture people so they believe in your service/product/offer
  • Really make people feel as if they are a part of something that they’ve found their tribe
  • Reach out and value what your customers tell you. It’s real time market research but comes straight from them
  • Increase the frequency and quality of consumer/business comms.

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