Internships: Are they worth it?

Students are never short of things to at University. There are societies to join, sports to engage in, friends to make, parties to go to – not to mention lectures, tutorials and coursework to keep up with. So, in the middle of all that fuss, you might ask yourself, why should I do an internship? Why should I give up my time and enter the working world?

It’s down to you

First of all, you must understand that internships require a great deal of commitment. It’s not a society or club you can stop attending whenever you feel like it. It’s a real job and most importantly it brings long term benefits. You can either take it as one more responsibility or the perfect opportunity to do something that complements your education and further clarifies your future career path. It will help you find out which parts of business you enjoy, which you do not and whether or not you are suitable for the industry you want to go into. You might find out what you thought was your dream job just does not fulfil your needs, or you might find something you did not particularly enjoy is, in practice, something that you feel passionate about.

What can you deliver to a business?

From a business’ perspective, you could be a breath of fresh air. New ideas; new ways of thinking; new needs and interests. As millennials and members of Generation C, we have been brought up surrounded by technology, so digital is something we were born with. This is a clear advantage for us in the working world. We know how to utilise many aspects of digital, from social media, mobile browsing devices or app technology. But we can also adapt and easily learn to use programs we are unfamiliar with. Companies are becoming more and more digital-focused, so here is where we really have an advantage. It will not be long until digital takes over completely, and doing an internship will help you witness this transition first-hand.

In addition to this, we might be able to identify – as the new generation of potential consumers – needs and gaps in the market that might not have otherwise been noticed. By starting from the bottom we take jobs that do not require as much expertise, but this will help us improve our foundations. This in turn frees up more time for other employees to engage in more challenging tasks. Furthermore, an internship not only offers training but also the possibility of returning to the business as a full time employee once you have finished your degree.

So what does an internship deliver to you?

In today’s hugely competitive working world, differentiation is the key to success. Businesses want workers that have experience in the field; that are used to responsibility; that understand the working environment. Can you think of a better way to learn and prove these skills than actually working? Probably not. Being able to apply theory to a proper working environment is the best way of learning. Really knowing first-hand how things function, and getting to acquire experience from professionals in the field is a true privilege. You will do some things right and others wrong, and that is exactly the point. Only by making mistakes through real life work experience will you be able to face challenges and become resilient. Only when you really try something can you be convinced of your goals and choices.

The final word on Internships

Internships present great opportunities. The time to do one is right now, during university, when you have the energy, time and will to start becoming the professional you want to be. Set yourself objectives, do not be discouraged. And one last tip: remember to keep your priorities in order and your goals well-defined. Never lose focus of what you want to achieve, and you will be rewarded.

Paula is currently undertaking an internship at Vivienne K Neale Digital in Hatfield. If you want to know more about business social media marketing services or are wondering about internships we’d be delighted to chat with you so contact us here.

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