Why I chose to do an Internship at Uni and why you should too

This year I decided to undertake an internship at university, and started interning at VKN Digital. Lots of my friends asked me different questions about why I was doing it. Why not focus on your studies? Why not take a paying job? Why the digital marketing industry?

So I decided to answer my peers in written form. Here is why I chose to do an internship at university and why you should too.

Why do an internship at university? Enhance your skills

As someone who has taken several marketing and IT related modules throughout my studies, I thought it would be an incredible opportunity to take this chance to enhance my skills in this department through an internship at a digital marketing organisation.

There’s quite a lot of reasons why a student like myself would intern during university, but the main reason is to learn on the job while studying, and being able to integrate what I learn into real world experiences. So far it’s allowed me to apply what I’ve learned in university into the work field, and it’s been a great chance to see that connection between what one learns at university and how to apply it at work.

I believe that internships are as valuable as university, as it gives you the chance to do the practical work you’ve learnt, which is essential. This internship has already helped developed my skills and business acumen in ways I would never have had the opportunity to do in the classroom.

For example, I’ve always been an avid social media user (who isn’t these days?) and have researched different ways to use personally. But this internship has allowed me to look at social media from a marketing perspective and learn how to use it for business, with tools such as buffer and data analytics. This internship has also helped me in my university coursework, where I’ve learnt new concepts related to my international business degree, and also got new ideas for my dissertation.

Why do an internship at university? Gaining Experience

Since I want to go into the digital marketing industry when I graduate, an internship also presents a great opportunity to acquire the skills and experience needed to apply for jobs after graduating. It’s a chance to show future employers that I’ve learnt and practiced digital marketing not just in.

What you can give back to the company

As a millennial, an internship also gives me the chance to contribute different perspectives in the workplace. I am someone who has grown up during the rise of social media, and can offer alternative ideas. I feel that’s the advantage we millennials bring to an organisation; we have a holistic view of social media and digital tech and can see both opportunities and threats in the market.

It also builds my work habits and motivation, because unlike university, where I can simply skip classes or miss assignments, the same cannot be done at an internship, where I have to be fully motivated and always working. These are obviously characteristics needed for a successful career.

What I hope to achieve

By the end of my internship, I hope to have made the most of this opportunity to enhance my skillset in the field, through always being motivated, asking questions, and getting involved in new projects. Doing this should help me make the most of my experience, and hopefully lead to successful results!

Sherif is currently undertaking an internship at Vivienne K Neale Digital in Hatfield. If you want to know more about business social media marketing services or are wondering about internships we’d be delighted to chat with you so contact us here.

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