Improve your social media engagement or die

This might be a dramatic headline but actually it’s the truth

Social media is about being social and sometimes clients I work with forget this

‘We need more likes! We need more engagement! We need more followers!’

These are familiar cries from clients who ask for help. I always switch these statements around into a question:

‘What do you do to promote engagement, community, need, interest or pique curiosity?’

I am usually met with raised eyebrows. ‘In what sense?’ they ask.

What are you doing to improve your social media engagement?

In what sense? Well, what are you doing to attract people’s attention? Are you talking to people, potential customers, customers, casual observers, general hangers on? Are you hanging out in places where potential customers who are your type of customers hang out? Are you taking some of the knowledge amassed from living in the real world and making relationships with you into the virtual world?’

So what if you were to forget world domination and start thinking local?

It is obvious that with Facebook, Twitter and shortly Pinterest, promoted content costs money. There is no way you can ever compete with the big players. ‘Twas ever thus. So what if you were to forget world domination and start thinking local? What if you were to grow a small but dedicated band of followers who really liked you, who thought you added value and who were genuinely interested in your offerings?

Improve your social media engagement by concentrating on one platform perhaps?

This takes a different approach. It might even be worth putting the emphasis on the one social media network that brings results – yes, shocking I know.  This might be the one thing that might transform and improve your social media engagement.

Talking to a client this week she said  Facebook was driving her crazy. It was lots of work for not much reward.

‘Where is your traffic and business actually coming from? I asked. ‘Well, Etsy.’ So what would the best advice be? Exactly. Go to where your people are.Here are a few tips that might help change your perspective.

Easy social media strategies to create engagement

  • If you have a shop, be that virtual or real then make sure your social media accounts are highly visible.
  • Reward truly loyal fans with something special. It doesn’t have to be wildly expensive. People love being appreciated on or offline. Give them something they think others don’t have. Often they will more than reward you with advocacy. You can do something like giving them first pic of sale items, further discounts, a free gift, some bespoke advice.
  • If you have a shop then review what you sell. Think carefully about your customer base. What can you add, develop, improve upon. Ask valued customers their opinion and reward them for their ideas. Make them feel part of your business and strengthen the community.
  • Experts predict the death of the high street but perhaps this will be the place where we receive special face to face treatment. Imagine you are looking for a special outfit. You contact your local outfitter on Facebook, send them a message and ask to make an appointment, tell them the thing you are looking for, size, special requirements. This gives the shop owner the chance to put some outfits together, maybe with accessories. They become your style consultant. Think what a great asset that would be to someone in a hurry. Think what kind of relationship you would build up with them. Where would their first port of call be in the future? What might they say about you on Facebook or Twitter?

What top tip can you recommend to boost social media engagement? If you are short of ideas try these two articles for further inspiration.

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