How often should business post on social media?

Who has the answer to this vexed question?

Are you struggling with the concept of how often should business post on social media? If you are trading then you will know the importance of social media in the brave new world of  social media marketing. You will also be filled with a sense of inadequacy, confusion, fear and insecurity. Why should this be the case? After all everything you ever needed to know about social media marketing is available., right ? However, the sheer volume of helpful and not so helpful advice means a question like ‘How often should a business post on social media’ becomes a PhD dissertation. Most businesses don’t have time, money or inclination to do in depth research

If you need help then too much choice can be almost paralyzing

Do you go with the big companies whose monthly fees are considerable? Should you try a freelancer who has a bit of experience and knowledge? Should you undertake your own research or simply post on Facebook, Twitter et all when you have the time or inclination? Honestly, how often should businesses post on social media? Does anyone actually know?

I guess if you are reading this then you are looking for something a little less organic and ad hoc. So, what’s the solution? I don’t have it per se, however you might want to do some research based on these observations and then find your expert!

How often should business post on social media?

  • Hopefully you have built a following on your chosen social media platforms. You have listened and observed and you probably have a good idea about your customers/ followers social habits. You know what gets shared and how often. You know what types of content has most traffic and traction. You have checked all this by simply using the analytic capacities that come along with your social media platform. That’s the lowest point of entry.
  • You have always made the pursuit of entertaining, informative and engaging content a fundamental foundation stone for everything your brand produces. You have also developed great relationships with a stable of creative and knowledgeable writers who know your brand, what you stand for and the kind of tone you like to adopt. Yes?
  • Your data analysis has been carried out regularly and you have gauged reaction to your output. You know your customer base and what fires them to engage.Correct
  • You have adopted a great social dashboard like Leadamo, Hootsuite etc.  and your customers and followers can rely on your output. You have become a regular publisher.Of course you are but……
  • You have optimized your output and your social media management software as an integral part of your day to day social media practice. Ages ago.
  • This means you know exactly how often  business should post on social media right?
  • Of course it’s right because your social media management will tell you what types of posts are doing well based on tangible and real engagement not a hypothesis. You don’t need an expert to show you. However you may wish to share your observations. You may wish to chat to a social media content writer and ask their advice, you may well wish to develop an exiting social media strategy making use of the best times to post to social media with someone who is capable of producing such a thing.
  • On the other hand you may just wish to hand over the whole shooting match to an experienced social media manager and let them figure out how often businesses should  post on social media?

Vivienne Neale is an experienced social media manager who takes the time to do the research so you don’t have to take time away from running your business. Remember, social media content requires high level writing skills as well as first class stats analysis. If you need training, advice, content writing and/or social media evaluation please contact her here.

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