How Google Maps Can Transform Your Business?

If you think a Google map is for directions alone then it is time to think again. Yes! This handy feature helps to build real trust with your customers and paves way for increased connection with your target audience. Why? People know you exist. You have a premises and are listed on Google. This ultimately increases your ROI.

Why Google Maps is important for your business?

Google shared some of the most interesting statistics in a recent Google Performance Summit and it makes interesting reading

  • Surprisingly, nearly 90% of all global sales take place in stores and not online.
  • Location related searches have taken over mobile searches. Yes! Location associated searches has been growing 50% faster than mobile searches.
  • There are over a billion Google Map users now.
  • 84% of consumers go for local searches and often convert.
  • 3 out of every 4 people who search for something nearby, visit the store within 24 hours and almost 28% of such searches results in a purchase.

So, what does this data mean for your business?

If your business has a physical location and you want to anchor your brand in the minds of your customers, then ensure you are visible on Google Maps. Therefore, the next time your customers search for any of your products or services using their Smartphones, they should find you and then act on that discovery! You cannot afford to miss out.

What benefits can Google Maps offer your business?

Builds rapport and trust with your customers

Boosting a brand is crucial to nurturing trust among customers. You can boost your brand by adding pictures of your business, employees etc. to your company website. You can describe your achievements, history, awards, etc. in your website’s “About Us” section. All these underscores the fact you are real and are actually operating within a community.

Another easy yet powerful way to enhance your brand is by opting for Google Maps street view. This feature makes it very easy for your customers to reach your doors. This virtual tour simply shows that your business is transparent. What you see is what you get and they will recognise your premises when they reach it.

Helps customers to know you better

Google Maps street view allows customer to take a complete virtual tour even before visiting your store. This helps customers to know valuable info such as how friendly your store is, your reviews, what your store looks like and much more. Customers can not only find you but also share, recommend and rate your business. We al know how powerful word of mouth is. All of us want personal recommendations. We ask people for their opinions all the time.

Sharing your location

People can share your location map with friends, colleagues and family. This means your brand is getting promoted at no cost. Moreover, you can embed Google map information in your emails and webpage which makes visiting your store hassle-free and lets everyone know exactly where you are.


Google Maps feature is very easy to manage and offers a number of handy features. If you are just a new venture and if you don’t have a website, you can still get listed in Google Maps.

Matchless Reach

With the help of Google Maps you have the most economical and unique way to grow your audience and gain new customers. It contains a huge database and is considered to be the most reliable source for finding good businesses.

Hope, the above information and statistics on Google Maps has given you a clear picture on how your business can benefit and reach the next level. If you wish to grow your business and boost your brand, then find ways to push your listing to the top of search results in your niche. You can opt for an experienced digital marketing agency to help you perform more effectively.

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