It’s The Holiday Season – Bring On The Ads

Can you hear a faint jingle or sense a nip in the air? That’s right, the holiday season is coming. So put on your slippers, pour some wine and read on for a look at the best and worst holiday ads for the 2017 Christmas season.

Take a moment to be grateful that you live in the lovely United Kingdom, where holiday ads are anticipated with delight each year. Across the pond, holiday ads are a nuisance.,Social media is stuffed like a turkey with complaints about Christmas ads starting earlier and earlier each year. Talk about bah humbug! On the other hand the UK has a different approach which we might do well to adopt.

Recently, social media has been buzzing about the release of John Lewis and Sainsbury holiday ads. We’ve been waiting for our heartstrings to be plucked and our souls filled to be with the warmth of the holiday season. Well, if you haven’t seen them yet – here they are.

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Why are these ads so great?

Lidl: Cavalier Carver

While we cannot condone waving a turkey carver around during a family feast, we can applaud this ad. Lidl’s holiday advert is short, simple and full of the warmth and joy we look for in Christmas video ads. Thanks Lidl for giving us :18 to look forward (I don’t understand this…have tried lol) to our own family dinner in the coming weeks.

ASDA: Best Christmas Ever

Oh how would it be! A whole factory of food! Viewers are instantly transported to Willy Wonka and our undying nostalgia for Gene Wilder. ASDA brilliantly transposes our affection for both chocolate factories and Fleetwood Mac into one minute of holiday delight. Who can complain?

TKMaxx: A White Christmas

“So much silliness” has now become the best line of holiday 2017. But really, who doesn’t love the pop culture design and sound of this TKMaxx commercial? If you haven’t gone out hunting for your own snow globe, then we suggest you start. Bright colours, a warm fire and even the family dog makes an appearance – we’re really impressed.

Argos: #ReadyForTakeOff

Argos gives viewers a rare glimpse behind the scenes at Santa’s workshop. Beyond noticing how high tech Santa has gotten as of late, we can all appreciate the toy that was almost forgotten. With a brilliant twist at the end, Argos has four hour Christmas delivery on offer. What can beat that? We just hope that the elves are safe on those sci-fi rockets!

Aldi: Kevin the Carrot Returns

Kevin the Carrot is back for another high stakes adventure. However, we will warn you – this episode includes romance for three inch Kevin. This adorable ad creates a perfect micro moment epitomising the excitement of Christmas Eve. With a measured poem to narrate, Aldi has really outdone themselves.

Watch the first episode in this carrot drama here.

John Lewis: #MosTheMonster

And, of course, we could not leave out John Lewis’s contribution to your holiday season. This ad though! If you’ve seen it, we need not say more. We will all go about buying our nightlights from John Lewis and patiently wait for our hearts to be filled next year. Oh the pathos of it all!

And… the not so great…

Toys ‘R’ Us: Geoffrey the Part Time Reindeer

While we all appreciate Geoffrey’s hard work, the oh so 80’s jingle is just too much to take. There is a thing as too much holiday spirit and Toys ‘R’ Us has managed to take their 2017 ad to the top – or the bottom, depending on your outlook. Santa is adorable and his naughty reindeer definitely worth a chuckle – but perhaps watch this ad with the sound muted.

Heathrow Airport: Coming Home for Christmas

Now don’t get us wrong, this advert is terrific. The bears, the hand holding the feeling of coming home, it’s wonderful. However, this holiday ad makes the naughty list because, as viewers, we’re not sure why Heathrow chose to remind us of how absolutely awful it is to travel during the holidays. The pure sadness on those poor little bear’s faces is enough to make you take the train.

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