Hire a ghostwriter and reap the business benefits

Hire a ghostwriter and actually help reduce costs, increase revenue and improve strategic efficiency

[bctt tweet=”Hire a ghost writer? Why would I? Well, it’s not like making a pact with the grim reaper. “]Think about it. If you hire a cab driver it’s for convenience sake. If you hire a painter and decorator you know your house will be painted by a professional. It saves you time, inconvenience and gives you a great finish of which you can be proud.

If you hire a ghost writer it won’t hang over your conscience like a spectre!

Buying writing services is exactly the same. as purchasing any service [bctt tweet=”Producing content can be a headache”]. There are ideas to find, time to research, write, proof read and publish. Not to mention the time required in marketing  to get your output seen. So consider this. Can hiring a ghost writer actually help reduce costs, increase revenue and improve strategic efficiency? The answer is ‘yes’ to all three!

How can spending money on  hiring a ghost writer help my business?

  • How much time do you waste panicking about content production?
  • On the other hand, how many opportunities are being lost to your business by NOT hiring a ghostwriter for your content production?
  • [bctt tweet=”How long does it take you to produce content that is acceptable but not necessarily quality?”]
  • How much time is wasted on content production when you could be networking, cronverting leads and spending time with clients?
  • How much is your current content actually costing your business? You know when they stop by and simply click away. It’s unlikely they will give you the time of day again. Recently user expectation of quality content has soared.

Are you a publisher or an ad hoc hack?

In fact, think about how often you update your blog. Are you a publisher or an ad hoc hack? Are you producing flabby content for the sake of it or are you trying to add value? As an experienced ghost writer I take time to understand the niche in which I have been asked to write. I research the industry and get to know the person or business that I will be representing. When clients develop a long term relationship with me I get to understand the facets of the business and develop a convincing voice. Creating an exciting brand voice through a well developed content marketing strategy is a worthwhile exercise.

Six months ago I started working for a business consultant. He knew it was essential to develop thought leadership. He was a thought leader in his everyday business life. Talking to this consultant was always fascinating. His vim, vigour and verve were clear to see. But looking at his written output the two parts of his skill set and personality just didn’t marry up.

‘I’m not a writer’ he said. ‘I get frustrated and I don’t think the product is a) worth the time spent on it and b) I think I may be in danger of doing more harm than good to my business.’

Over the period in which we have worked together I have replicated his talent and inspiration through the written word. Comments on LinkedIn Pulse where he now publishes regularly include:

Having a mentor helps light the path of self discovery not shining a torch of the path of ‘I told you so’…good article!

Great piece!

Succinct article!

Fab post!

Great read and so true.

As always a well written piece.

Views, likes and shares have rocketed and leads generated.

In fact, the testimonial I received from this particular business underpins the beneficial relationship one business owner has developed by simply hiring a ghostwriter:

It’s easy to be consumed and overwhelmed by vanity metrics and the noise that exists in the world of digital marketing without having any empirical quantifiable results upon which to anchor. But not in the case of Vivienne K Neale Digital. She is a true strategic partner who creates differentiation and delivers a huge multiple/return on investment.

So, if you’ve ever wondered why you should hire a ghost writer consider these 5 reasons.

  • Hiring a ghostwriter with skills, knowledge and experience will enhance any product you might choose to publish. Options include: white papers, case studies, e-books, blogs, guest posts, video scripts, speeches, e-mail campaigns, newsletters
  • Writing content takes time — how much opportunity cost are you wasting working on something you don’t find easy or even enjoyable? Get out there and do your job. [bctt tweet=”Hiring a ghost writer is the truly economical option for your business.”] The investment in hiring a ghostwriter will pay dividends
  • Gain more time for other important things.
  • If you hire a ghostwriter you can have control of the output without any of the associated hassle.
  • Ghostwriters are used to producing content with skeleton input (ha ha, see what I did there?) You can give them an idea to run with, a few bullet points or even let a ghostwriter interview you. They are flexible creatives that know the most effective ways to promote you and your business.

This ghost writer is also a skilled digital marketer with a sound understanding of content marketing, data analysis, podcasting and video production. If you need interviews undertaken, microblogging created, hire a ghostwriter and concentrate on your key business functions. In addition complete confidentiality is maintained.

Contact this ghostwriter now to find out how I can help you play to your strengths.

About the author

Vivienne Neale is a content marketing professional and strategist

Vivienne Neale is a highly experienced content writing professional and digital marketing strategist. She studied at Manchester Metropolitan University for an MA in Creative Writing and honed her writing skills under the tutelage of Carol Ann Duffy, Simon Armitage and Michael Schmidt – true heavyweights in the current literary scene. She is a published fiction and non-fiction author and freelance journalist for the UK national press. Vivienne uses this experience to combine high quality content with digital marketing acumen to help you improve your business.

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