Get more sales with emotional copy

To get more sales we need to really engage with potential customers. We need to make them feel

That tricky awareness content piece needs to elicit a response. What you want is for someone to feel something about what you offer. A lack of emotional connection means you are as good as dead in the water. There’s no way you’ll get more sales without an emotional connection.

To get more sales what emotion do you need from your reader?

If you’re in a hurry like 99.9% of all people these are the key take aways:

  • Emotional copy is effective. Charities often use them in campaigns. They see double the amount of donation when they do.
  • What emotions should you trigger? Try Guilt, trust, belonging
  • Get straight to the point. Use simple words to make it engaging. You want nothing to stand in the way of your message. Strip down your copy so it says just what it does, on the tin. It take skill and experienced, creative copywriters can make a massive difference to how your content is perceived.

Logic versus emotion

Think about how you buy? What are your triggers? Do you get an overwhelming sense of a product, service or person that makes you take action? That will be the chimp brain kicking in. This is one of the primal brain areas your Neanderthal predecessors will have been familiar with. It’s almost a ‘me want, me want now’ moment. We are often almost illogical when we make a decision. We make it, then find logic to prove our emotional decision was the right one. If you like ‘we feel our way to reason’ as Douglas Van Praet, the author of Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing said.

Appeal to your buying persona needs

You have a buyer persona mapped out right? If not read more here. You know what your ideal customer looks like, what makes them happy and who they are, right? You need that person to feel something. That way they can harness their feelings with a sprinkle of logic and actually come to a decision. It’s the emotional or limbic side of our brain that lights up when we check stuff out. Logic doesn’t come into it. Therefore your copywriter needs to appeal to the human not just have a focus on the buyer.

Be positive

It has been proven that blogs with a positive title, that promises a change, perform more effectively than negative headlines. For example:

Why your content marketing keeps failing 

Transform your content marketing with these incredible tips.

Which one would you click on? It’s a no brainer really. You might think that being ‘happy’ will be hard for your business. It’s not. Focus on the positive. If someone has won an award in your company, share it. If you have benefits, tell people. Make them feel good about your content. That way you will get more sales.

However, be aware that negative news gets read more. Interesting huh? But happy news is shared more often. Think about that when you craft copy. What are the aims of your piece of content? Shares or clicks?

Your headlines are key

Did you know the word ‘love’ is a game changer? You probably know that anyway from your personal life. But what about headlines? Yes, the word love as in: ‘ 10 ways to fall in love with your bedroom again’ or ’10 Pinterest tactics your prospects will love’ do very well, thank you very much. People click and share with this type of headline. But if you want engagement go for the negative. Weird, huh? If you really want to nail headlines check out How to Write Magnetic Headlines by Copyblogger.

The 3 worst mistakes you can make on a first date

See? We’re curious; we want to know if we’re guilty You can use this kind of negative statement regardless of what you sell. To get more sales you need to engage. Making people laugh is another very positive emotional connection. We want to feel, that’s how most of us are wired. In fact this part of our brain is so dominant at times it crowds out our rationality. Therefore if you can create an emotional response and stay away from the benefits of your product you might be surprised at the impact.

The images you use are as important as the words. If you like pictures then check out this infographic:

How Emotional Triggers Get People To Buy

If you need help creating content that will provoke an emotion ask us now

We are constantly searching and a marketer has a millisecond of time to make an impact. An image might just do it. What you’re doing is setting the emotional tone to prepare someone to be converted a little later on in the process. You need to go for the heart and rely less on the head. But your head needs to plan your content very carefully to get more sales. Still, if your chimp brain is saying: ‘Help, I can’t do this!’ You will realise that two heads are better than one. To get more sales with your copy contact us and let’s see what we can create between us. A knowledgeable and creative content writer is more valuable than you could ever imagine. Great Copywriters make a Huge Difference you know!

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