How To Get Your Message To The Busiest Audience

Multitasking is how we work and live. How do you reach busy consumers whose attention is constantly being fought for? Learn more here…

How many different ways do you split your attention in a day? Do you often talk on the phone while you drive? What about watch TV and surf the web? According to Psychology Today, multitasking is a myth. In fact, “recent neuroscience research tells us that the brain doesn’t really do tasks simultaneously, as we thought (hoped) it might. In fact, we just switch tasks quickly.” While we switch back and forth rapidly, multitasking actually wastes a significant amount of time. However, this does not keep us from trying. The downside is your content, advertisements and overall message remain only half-heard.

So how do you break through the noise to reach your potential customers?

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#1. Interactive audience

Rather than providing a message and moving on, try to encourage interaction with your audience. According to Marketo, “Not only does interactive content look better aesthetically, but it also reduces the amount of information your audience has to process at one time.” Interaction can be through comments, messages or apps. By becoming a task to complete, your audience will engage with you fully. To engage with your audience with their full attention, try combining marketing methods. For example, advertisements, content and social media combined creates a strong push and provokes interest. Creating an app to centrally locate this information boosts engagement to an attention grabbing nirvana.

#2. Medium mixups

Facebook is great, but if it is the only platform choice to reach your audience – you may be in trouble. Restricting your message to one social media method can limit who you talk to. By including SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter your message becomes versatile rather than stagnant.

To take advantage of these platforms you may have to rethink your approach and strategy, but once you do, the benefits will be well worth your time. You’ll find many more opportunities to drop your message into people’s world picture. Using social media tools like Hootsuite or Falcon can help you manage multiple accounts on a daily basis, because after all, social media only counts when accounts are regularly updated.

Knowing how well your efforts are performing on multiple social media accounts can be tricky. According to Our Social Times, “Measuring a multi-channel strategy is another challenge as each channel will offer up different data results – so the trick is to build a framework encompassing all the metrics with set goals such as reach, engagement, web traffic and lead generation or sales.”

#3. Be quick about it

The best time to reach your potential customers is now. Create content that puts an emphasis on urgency. Marketplaces are full and marketing is everywhere your customers look. Be sure you don’t do all the work while the competition seals the deal because you waited too long to get customers to take action. Hubspot offers a great call to action ebook that explains how using the right CTA promotes action. They write, “Think about it: If you hadn’t been drawn in by the copy or design of the CTA, or been guided so eloquently through your sign-up process, you would probably use a lot fewer apps and websites than you do now.” This is great advice for instilling a sense of urgency in your content. A well placed “Try it now!” or “Click for free trial!” can really get your audience up and moving.

#4. Measure the right goals

Just creating content you think will generate focus doesn’t mean that it automatically works the first time. To see if your message is cutting through the noise, measure long-term engagement metrics. Click rates and open percentages won’t cut it. Instead focus on bounce rates, site times, and return visits to get a feel look for highly motivated leads. You want to create messages that prompt meaningful actions.

Content Marketing Institute recommends tracking scroll depth. They write, “Scroll depth measures how far down a page a visitor scrolls. It’s not foolproof, but if most of your visitors are making it to the end of your posts, you should be safe to assume you’re doing something right.” This is an effective way to find out just exactly how many visitors are making it to your call to action. If you have 100 site visitors and 5 call to action clicks then you are converting 5%, but if you know only 10 visitors made it to the end of your post then you are converting 50%. This makes a big difference in how you make decisions.

#5. Assemble your team

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