How To Get More Blog Reads

Growing your blog’s audience is the main goal of any blogger. The problem is time…

For many businesses just writing a regular blog is more than they can manage. The thing is, simply having a blog is not enough. The internet is a busy place. You need to get your blog read by the right people. You need to organise it so your blog gets in front of people who actually care.

This post is about where to go and what to do to increase your blog’s reach. It’s about growing your blog’s audience and hopefully selling more too.

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Be informative and engaging. Read your blog and ask yourself if lives will be changed after it’s been read? If the answer if no, then you need to write it again.

If you feel this is already making you feel dizzy, then perhaps it’s time to bring in a content writer to breathe new life into your blog and give it a personality. Who knows what an outsider’s perspective could bring!

Here are some top tips from the experts on how to increase your blog’s audience, create return traffic, and create brand promoters:

According to Blogging Wizard: Network with other bloggers

“When you start networking, you’ll notice you get more traffic, shares and engagement on your blog. And once you’ve developed strong relationships with other bloggers, that’s when you can figure out other ways of helping each other.“

This tip is easy and fun. Get to know other people who are also trying to push a blog. Get coffee, make a friend! Discuss what works for you and what works for them. Along the way you will develop a deeper understanding of how to truly connect with your readers. Remember to be mutually beneficial though. Nobody likes a one way relationship.

This is easily done by sharing helpful information with one another. There doesn’t need to be a competition, as there’s room for us all on the internet. Get started by engaging in social media and joining bloggers groups, posting helpful comments on blogs that you like, and becoming a part of the blogging community at large. Subscribe to RSS feeds that promote blog content and you are well on your way!

According to CoSchedule: Publish content your target audience wants to read

“Before you can create content that resonates, it helps to know your intended audience (as well as who they are not). An audience definition should ideally connect these three things: Your product or service, main audience demographic, and content’s mission”

Now this may seem simple, but it’s harder than you may think. Knowing which topics are engaging is a skill that must be cultivated. The easiest way to start is to read what is trending now. Ask yourself:

  • What type of posts are shared on your feed?
  • How are successful blogs getting attention?
  • Which posts do you see shared the most on Facebook?

By trying to emulate successful websites, you can carve out your own small slice of success. Take a look at long tail keywords and questions being asked about your industry. This will help you appear on search results the next time that keyword is used.

Remember to be consistent. Your content must become a habit for readers. If they check your blog and a post doesn’t appear, then they will form a loyalty with another blog and you lose that viewer.

According to Jams and Scones: Encourage social sharing

“To grow your readership and make sure your blog posts get the attention they deserve, you need to encourage your current readers to share what you’ve written on their favorite social media sites. What those sites are will largely depend on the niche you’re in. Find out where your audience likes to hang out and then focus on getting them to share on those social media outlets to attract more like minded readers.”

Remember that shame is for people with lots of blog followers. Don’t be afraid to ask for shares. The majority of readers are kind-hearted and don’t mind a simple social media share. It only takes a moment, and the goodwill of it all makes readers happy.

For example, if you like this post so far — stop what you are doing and share it on Twitter and Facebook! (Not even joking! Let’s see if it works!)

Okay, now we can return to our regularly scheduled program. Make sure that it is easy to share a post from your website. Keep sharing buttons available and easy, and only keep a few on hand. 12 different social media buttons freaks readers out and they will quickly move on to other tasks. Oh and don’t boast about shares if you don’t get very many — it’s just kind of sad if there are only 4 shares or likes on your page.

According to Jeff Bullas: Engage with your audience

“Many marketers busy themselves growing lists, fans and followers, but ignore a metric that creates mobs of raving supporters. It’s called engagement, and it can boost your brand lift by over 300%.”

If chatting with people overwhelms you, don’t panic. We won’t send you out into the streets just yet. To engage with your audience start small. Be accessible when messaged or emailed. Always respond when a reader reaches out. Involve readers in your content by activating the comments section and encouraging conversation about the topic.

For example, what’s your best tip for increasing a blog audience? Tell us in the comments below. (No, really, tell us what you think!)

It may seem simple to like shares and comments and say thank you. However, you will be surprised at how your audience will grow overtime. Don’t get discouraged. Just keep at it.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. A specialised content marketer can do this work for you while you only reap the benefits. By partnering with a digital content marketer, you will have time for the important stuff, while your content becomes accessible, read and an extension of your brand. A thriving digital presence is crucial to a successful company, so really what do you have to lose?

Partner with VKN Digital to give your blog hits a boost and create a lasting impression with your website viewers. Don’t hesitate, contact us today!

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