Bringing Blog Posts to Life with FotoJet!

At VKN Digital we have been trialling Fotojet photo editor.

Three of us in the office have been using it and even our graphic designer has taken a look. In short, we love it, and we’d like to tell you why.

What is Fotojet?

FotoJet is possibly the classiest, easiest and most fun photo editing tool there is. Anyone who uses Canva, Picmonkey or any other alternative to Photoshop will definitely want to check it out.

Its functions are numerable, and work together to create beautiful, text-overlaid images that will bring your blog posts to life.

Users can quickly create cover images, collages, posters, cards and banner designs without actually needing to download or install any software. The whole tool is cloud based and, best of all, you don’t need to be a graphic design guru to use it.

Creating Collages

Beautiful collages, for example, are very easy to create. You get a variety of features like backgrounds, effects, templates and photos to help you make the collage, and you can adjust your creation at any time.

Editing Photos

Standard photo editing is walk in the park. If ever you need to add text layers on images you want to use as covers for blog posts, FotoJet is the perfect solution. Photoshop is obviously the gold standard in photo editing but requires expertise in graphic design and a lot of patience. The seamless and friendly usability of FotoJet eliminates these requirements.

To edit a photo, you simply upload from your desktop and away you go. You can use quick features like “Auto Enhance”, crop, resize and sharpen your image. ‘Effects’ gives you the option of adding colorful shades to your images. And of course you can add text to your image, using a variety of house fonts and text styles. You can also enclose your image in frames.

Why FotoJet is the perfect Photo Editing tool for writers

FotoJet provides the solution writers and bloggers so often need: a photo editor that is easy and fun to use. We have created some fabulous overlaid images so far and most have come out better than we anticipated. The image quality is never reduced and there are no stock image watermarks lurking in the corners like with many other online photo editors. We fully recommend you use this tool!

Oh yes, and it’s also free!

To Summarise FotoJet Photo Editor

  • Fotojet photo editor is the perfect tool to create visual content for both personal and professional use.
  • Something very important to highlight is FotoJet offers the possibility to create different images for different social media platforms (e.g Twitter cover, Facebook cover, Instagram picture, etc.).
  • By using these templates the image is already optimised and ready to add to your social media, no need to resize or cut the images. This is a tool that other photo editing platforms do not offer.
  • It has a user friendly interface that makes the program very intuitive and easy to use.
  • As well as this if offers beautiful fonts and templates that will suit many different types of styles.
  • The designs are very good looking and easily edited.
  • The only criticisms are that it’s a little bit more difficult to manage the sizing of the lettering, as sometimes, when you vary the zoom, the lettering changes size, and the zoom feature is controlled by inwardly swiping the mouse with your fingers and this can easily happen when you don’t want it to sometimes.

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