Encourage pins on Pinterest

So how do you encourage pins on Pinterest? Here are some easy tips

I have been pinning since it was an invitation only site – that seems like such a long time ago. The platform’s rise has been meteoric and now every brand is thinking about how it can utilise the rich visual nature of Pinterest. It’s my favourite platform and its personality continues to change from those early days. I have learned to successfully encourage pins on Pinterest and I’d like to share some of these tips with you

If you are already active  on Pinterest and are not seeing much traction then check out these tips that might just prompt a few more people to engage with your brand and start pinning your images. The really great aspect of Pinterest is unlike Twitter many of the images are not time sensitive and they enjoy an evergreen life which makes them worth spending time getting just right. So if you follow these tips you should make your output more  pin-teresting! [Tweet “If you encourage pins on Pinterest you will be encouraged to pin more for your business.”]

Encourage people to pin on Pinterest by following these tips

  1. Don’t forget to use a ‘PIN IT’ button on your website. Stats show that share buttons on websites promote more pinning. Come on, we all need reminders of the subtle and not so subtle variety.
  2. The Hover button is another great reminder. It appears when you hover over an image prompting people to pin and why not?
  3. You might want to consider a call to action on any pic on your site; it helps.
  4. [Tweet “Tell the world you are happy to have your pics and images shared. “]Sometimes that’s all it takes
  5. Don’t be content with one image use lots; that way people have a choice and they use the kind of image that really appeals to their purpose, vibe and personality.
  6. There’s nothing wrong in running competitions and contests to prompt people to pin form your website. Yeah, I know, you just hadn’t thought about it!
  7. Finding a creative writer to add some rich text  with more than 300 characters to your own pins prompts pinning. I know, I have tried it and pins that were put up months ago still get a regular airing. A stunning image and a provocative caption is irresistible on Pinterest.
  8. Think red/orange is pinned more often than blue, multiple colours are pinned more often than single colours, light are repined more than dark and faces are pinned less often.
  9. Be relevant, thoughtful and plan your boards carefully to promote more pins.
  10. [Tweet “Finally did you know pins that happen on a Saturday create more repins?”] Also leave an hour between pinning sessions to allow your pins to get more attention, pin on group boards too, especially if they have a great following.

This should increase your number of pins. If you need your Pinterest output reviewing or need a Pinterest expert to write copy for your pins then do contact me as I just love working on Pinterest and don’t need an excuse!

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