Email subject lines, improve them right now!

Do your subject lines help your emails hit the trash can?

What makes you open an email? Is it full-on capitals or a ton of punctuation or the same desperate pleas ‘not to miss this’ or ‘get it now!’?

Do you spend more time crafting the subject line than the article itself? If the answer is ‘no’, then it’s time to rethink your email approach. Content writers are ideal assistants when it comes to getting an email subject line just right and they really  aren’t a luxury.

What’s the point in crafting an email no one is going to read?

Remember if your subject line is dismissed NO ONE will open your carefully crafted emails. If you think this sounds over dramatic look at it this way: a poor subject line means the email is destined for the trash. It doesn’t matter how much work you’ve put into your special email it will be wasted without anyone clapping eyes on it. Can you afford to do that?

So how do we write email subject lines that prompt an open?

It’s easy. Curiosity may well have killed the cat but curiosity is the thing that sparks an open. We are all nosy after all. We all need to think we are missing something and we want a subject line that seems to speak to us personally.

That doesn’t mean you need to splatter a subject line with someone’s name. That does not equate to personalisation. You may well have used my name without my permission but you know what? It’s annoying and off-putting.

Should you be following in the footsteps of the big organisations that obviously write many email subject lines or should you be looking for a more leftfield approach. Well, let’s see shall we?

Email subject lines: Vivienne Neale’s 13 Top Tips

  1. First of all think of this trio of questions that will guide your subject line creation:
    • Why does anyone going to need what I am offering?
    • Why is this solution more effective than others in the market place?
    • How can I assist people with their problem/need/desire?
  2. Try not to go overboard on the car salesperson speak. Spam filters work well on certain vocabulary like the word: free. Avoid it. Remember most people don’t value anything that comes free. Sad but true.
  3. Remember, opening email is addictive. So what are you failing to engage with your subject lines? Checking emails can actually be a way of procrastination so your viewer is primed. Consider that. You are really wasting your efforts if you aren’t thinking carefully about subject lines. Read more about this right here.
  4. Anything that promotes to excess is enough to put anyone off. Be subtle but promote the need to open. A little psychology can go a long way.
  5. If you think the same email subject line will alert people it’s you again you are wrong. This tactic can backfire. We soon get bored, so mix it up. Avoid ’emotional unsubscribe’. This is where people keep subscribing but don’t open your emails. I do this myself! It’s definitely  something you need to avoid. So be seasonal, be creative; be different.
  6. You should know your personas so write subject lines that are going to appeal to them. If you need help with this do contact me here.
  7. Keep experimenting with subject lines and don’t forget A/B testing to see just what does appeal to segments.
  8. Personalisation might well mean different subject lines are required for different sections.
  9. Mix up marketing messages.
  10. Consider when people are likely to open email and make your subject line irresistible for that time of the day.
  11. Avoid really generalised subject lines like; This is great you have to see this…’ kind of vibe.
  12. Consider the goals your campaign should be based upon and also in what part of the funnel stage this email belongs.
  13. What’s the difference between: Writer available to hire? And ‘5 things your content marketing destroys in your business The first one elicits a shrug and a ‘so what?’ response. The second will promote curiosity almost inevitably. If recipients aren’t enjoying success with their content marketing will be intrigued and anyone that is frustrated by their efforts will open the email surely? If you have a powerful call to action like a download for example you immediately start to fillet your leads effectively. This can’t happen without a provocative subject line.

If you need a creative and highly experienced copywriter to craft your email subject lines do contact me regarding content writing and let’s discuss what you can achieve with your email campaigns.

Vivienne Neale Digital Marketer

Vivienne Neale is a digital marketer with high level content writing skills. She is available for consultancy, social media strategy work and all types of content creation. Catch up with Vivienne Neale on LinkedIn

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