Email Newsletters: Strategies For Success

Email newsletters have become a  chore you know you should do, but keep putting off. This doesn’t have to be the case. With a little help, your email open rates soar and keep you motivated.

Imagine this, you have exciting news you can’t wait to talk about. What better way to give loyal customers an additional benefit than to give them the big news before everyone else? You know that privilege and potential sense of excitement will lead to better business, higher engagement and satisfied buyers.

This is a perfect scenario for an email newsletter!

You might be thinking “nobody actually reads newsletters.” However,think again You should actually be thinking “nobody actually reads bad newsletters” your newsletter can and will be better! But how?

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Email newsletters are easy to create and lead to direct engagement with your audience. They may seem bothersome, but the continue to fill your inbox because they work. With a helpful template and some great content, you email newsletter can be ready to impress in no time at all. Email newsletters give your business a chance to create a personal connection with your audience and boost your brand reputation. We can go on and on about the benefits of email, but instead let’s focus on how to create successful email newsletters that work.

VKN Digital’s Top 5 Tips For Better Email Newsletters

#1. Keep it simple

Email newsletters have become somewhat of a cluttered information dump. Nobody wants to open an email and be bombarded with product information, PR news and sales twisted together like leftover pasta in a container. Instead, keep your newsletter simple. Choose two or three really exciting points and focus on your call to action. What is it exactly that you want your audience to do? How can you be helpful today? Answer those two questions and you are on your way.

#2. Aim to inform

According to Hubspot, your email newsletter should be 90% informative and 10% promotional. Your audience doesn’t want to hear about how amazing you are all the time. Instead, create engaging content that your audience wants to read. Once they get through your post or finished watching your video – then you can take a moment to brag about your next big thing. It is important to remember that viewer attention is like a transaction – you scratch their back, then they scratch yours.

#3. Create flawless subject lines

Many marketers agree that an email subject line is the most important aspect of newsletters. Getting it just right can be really tough. Consider A/B testing subject lines the first few times to see what works best.

So what makes the best email subject lines? Try for a combination of the following characteristics combined with a tone that best represents your brand:

  • Curiosity
  • Urgency
  • Personalisation
  • Excitement
  • Direct Benefit

#4.  Make it easy

Always make sure that your newsletter is easy to read and displays a simple call to action. Too much information, heavy images that take too long to load, confusing forms – these are all areas you want to stay away from. Make sure that anything you send or link to is mobile friendly. Use simple language like “Try Now” or “Call for a Quote” and always be upfront about price, shipping and results. Nothing makes fingers click close quicker than feeling tricked or annoyed.

#5. Always work on your subscriber list

Working on your subscriber list means constantly adding and removing email addresses. Many people forget about removing dead email addresses, which can lead to disaster. Some fish just don’t bite, and you don’t want to continuously send emails that get marked as spam or returned. For accurate open rates, you need to be sure that you are only sending email newsletters to those who wish to see them.

If newsletter seem a little out of your wheelhouse, that’s okay. VKN Digital has experts on hand to work with you to create effective email newsletters. What are you waiting for? Have a chat with us today.

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